The northrop yf-23 Black Widow

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The YF-23 was entered in Advanced Tactical Fighter competition but lost out to the Lockheed YF-22, which entered production as the F-22 Raptor. It first flew in 1990 and only two were produced.Both aircraft remained in storage until the summer of 1996, when the aircraft were transferred to museums. The most notable feature of the yf-23 was the trapezoidal or “diamond” wing. The trapezoidal design allows for a thin wing with low drag at high speeds, while maintaining high strength and stiffness. The yf-23 was both faster and stealthier than the YF-22 but was not as maneuverable. Still it was a cool aircraft

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    Still cooler looking than the -22.
    I built model kits of this and the JSF at about the same time. Both lost their respective contracts.
    My new offer would be to build the COMPETITORS model kit for 1/100th of a percent of the total contract.


    I love the F-22 to be honest…but this plane is drop-dead gorgeous, by far much better looking than the ’22.


    Badass! I like both the f22 and f23 equally.


    Puulaahi: you fucking fail! we owe it to the last generation of physical fighter pilots to make their planes the coolest to ever be flown cause their kids will never be in one. it’s not as if we’ll ever be up against anyone dumb enough to fight us in the sky.


    frightfulfish: Did you drink some of Tiki’s JD? None of what you wrote make any sense or relate at all to what I said.

    Not to mention the fact that history has proven one thing. ALL CIVILIZATIONS FAIL! America will meet its end eventually like every other country of the world.


    Current record-holder is the Eastern Roman/Byzantine/Ottoman Empire clocking in at a meaty 1400 years or so. ~500CE – 1918CE.


    Sticky: And America by history/time standards is still a baby.

    Luke Magnifico

    Hell, it’s been recognised as a country for less than 250 years.


    Sticky: Record holder only in recorded history. I may be wrong, but I thought the Egyptian line of Pharaohs spanned a much greater time frame than that.


    THIS IS IT! i have this GIjoe watergun/toy. THIS IS IT! i never knew what kind of jet it was. Thank you MCS for wrapping up my childhood mysteries.. COOLEST TOY EVER!

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