there is no button

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paradox anuone?

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    Made me laugh. I’m cheap.


    So who is right then?
    Do I pick red or blue?


    Neither is right and you can’t pick either. If you do pick one, however, your head will implode and it will create a parallel universe on the verge of your mind where epic fights will be fought between creatures of two worlds until they all get sucked up into a black hole which is really all just a microscopic fibre on the blouse of a middle aged man in a suit sitting in a smelly cafe in New Orleans after he finished his over priced mocca latte without any cake, like he normally prefers because his wife keeps poking him… Read more »


    Middle aged men wear blouses? On second thought, it IS in New Orleans, so I guess I’m not really surprised.


    dieAntagonista: There’s no way he won’t be eating anything. The guy is bound to be eating a beignet, if nothing else. Other than that, I believe your description is fairly accurate.


    red is true


    : no the blue button says that the red button is false, and we can believe the blue button because the red button says the blue button is true.


    TGGeko: the red buttons says the blue button is correct and the blue button says no it’s not. Then that means the blue button kill the whole momentum, in which doing so results that the red statement is fake and means the red is true. and also because red is more better than blue.


    Ask them if they are a tree frog

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