Sunbeam Tiger Concept

Sunbeam-Tiger-Concept.jpg (48 KB)

Sunbeam-Tiger-Concept-1.jpg (45 KB)

The Sunbeam Tiger is powered by electric engine, 0- 60 mph in 2.3 seconds, top speed at 160mph and a single charge for 800 miles.

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    i’d drive the hell out of this electric car. why aren’t we making more electric cars that look cool?


    @kickinupdirt: Because manufacturers don’t (didn’t…recession, haha) want to take the financial risk associated with putting out a new design when they could just rehash the same old crap every year.

    Of course, part of the blame lies with people who buy the same old crap every year without complaint. Me, I’d assassinate a South American druglord for a shance to own this car.


    Where do I sign up?

    Karatesaurus Rex

    The Sunbeam Tiger is just rehashed crap again though. The original Sunbeam Tiger was basically an MG sized car with a large V8 shoved under the hood. British made, beauty of a car.

    Not saying that this new inception isn’t tits, just saying it’s just another rehash of an old name. At least this one doesn’t look exactly like another car, except for maybe a bit of Prowler in there.


    WTF is up with the tires? they look really thin.