You Can Keep The Change

You Can Keep The Change

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    With isolationist bigoted people like that driver on his side, no wonder Mcbush lost.







    Could do without the two on top. I know its only 100 days in, but I’ve only seen same old, same old from capitol hill.


    @Animus: There it is. Thats the mantra. If you don’t agree with Obamessiah or his politics, it’s because you’re an isolationist bigot. If you don’t want his brand of change, you’re a backwoods racist. Thats it! All political discord solved! We don’t even have to engage these racist bigots in discussion. Man, that makes it so easy.


    @SumoSnipe: But yeah, the top two stickers are horseshit. You have a point there.

    And I wish it just the same old thing from Capitol Hill. But it’s much, much worse. This shit is out of control. Obama now tells auto manufacturers when they will file for bankruptcy? Since when is that the executive branches call? Your children and grandchildren are being sold down the river, saddled with a debt thats going to be backbreaking just to service the interest. Makes me not want to have kids. This place is changing, quickly, and not for the better.

    tiki god


    Pretty much, yeah.


    It’s funny, for a people adamantly opposed to the redistribution of wealth through taxes, they get so much more money from the government than any other area.

    I guess irony is not taught in schools.


    White Power.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: What means you?


    @Gilly: If only it were that simple



    I don’t know about you, but I get my money from my job.

    beep beep

    @monkeybird02: I think what Paul_Is_Drunk is saying is that the people who are usually against the redistribution of wealth are the ones that receive the most money from the government. The whole of US history is nothing but the government helping out the extremely wealthy (in forms of tax cuts, tax breaks, governmental contracts, free land, etc.) when the poor don’t really get a whole lot. Maybe some welfare benefits, but a pittance in comparison to what the upper echelon gets and has received in the past. I’ll never really understand the ideology of most Americans. Not a lot is… Read more »


    The South: trolling the rest of America since the 1780s.

    Trolling us hardcore since 1877, although it was probably provoked.

    Trolling us like fucking maniacs since the 1960s.

    It’s really too bad the rest of us couldn’t have survived without them. Nowadays they are like retarded cousins. They’re totally fucked up, but hey, they are still family, and I’ll be damned if I let anything break this family up. So, I tolerate them.

    American unity > American differences.


    Don’t nuke us, please. 🙁 I love the South in spite of its bigotry, general stupidity, and unwillingness to let go of a grudge. I want to rear-end every car I see with a confederate flag on it. There are some good people here, though. And it’s beautiful to boot(NC is, at least).


    @monkeybird02: hell, we were already paying out the ass for all the crap the boomers demanded. As for Chrystler, if they had turned down the gov handout like Ford, they would have retained control of when/if to file, what to sell off or shut down. But what I meant about the same old same old was: party line bs, earmarks and pork, hearings full of raging politicians spewing blame on CEOs while hoping no one looks too close at the where the money in their pockets came from…Sigh. What I would like to see is a rip roarin brawl on… Read more »


    Ah the south, got to love it. . . Teach a Yankee to drive? You have no idea how hard I lol’d at that one. These southern rednecks can’t drive to save themselves. I don’t even go out when the roads DO ice up every three years. You want to know what that looks like? Bumper cars, only with 4X4’s, heavy duties and hummers. Not pretty. Not at all. Oh, and people here seem to be completely unaware what the hell a turn signal is. I’m not even going to touch the political shit. Southern rednecks with middle school educations… Read more »


    I live in the Midwest and, except for the top two signs with the Confederate flag on them, we get the same sentiments from people here too—it’s an all-purpose sticker for declaring your status as a simpleton. Guns + Money. That is really what freedom is all about—paper bills and bullets. Wow, what a full and rich and enchanted life you crave.


    @awfulintentions: LOL…so true. If you can’t drive on ice, then GTFO.


    The South is DEAD. Move on already.


    @rattybad: Where I’m from we drive on the ice for 4 months out of the year…while three feet of snow is falling from the sky.


    Meh. He’ll only be here for one term. Just bide your time. Jeb Bush will return the country to the Dynasty in 2012.


    Obamessiah ??
    You already show us you bias by saying this…
    Why read any further ?
    All Politician are the same underneath, he just happens to have an IQ…Be glad your country elected him, now support him, he’s no longer a “Democrat”, he’s your “President”.
    But as a rightwinger I understand that losing the election means you get to stew about it for four years and try to derail any good that could come of it….


    @gx5000: He’s called “Obamamessiah”not because of any bias against him personally but because of the way the news media and his followers went completely rhapsodic over him .The level of abject fawning and slobbering on the part of the media is itself truly flabbergasting. Did you not see the painting done by Michael D’Antuono called “The Truth?” The painting depicts Obama appearing much like Jesus Christ on the Cross; atop his head, a crown of thorns. The title refers to the words Jesus spoke when he said,”I am the way,the truth and the light” The painting was supposed to be… Read more »


    @ebayer: 1- He’s not called “Obamamessiah”…. The more the newsmedia say it (FOX) the more you should know better. 2- I’m an Athiest, but I can appreciate Art fine. 3- I’m a Canadian you moron, and NOT a fan of Politicians, just happy that Mcstupid and Plain weren’t elected. 4- Look up Acorn, it’s not a right or left org. Both Mcain and Obama have donated and spoken to them… 5- You are a product of American Media Madness…I believe what I see, and I don’t just read one sided media and then feel the need to express my ignorance…learn… Read more »


    The rich getting more from the govt? Last time I checked the more you make, the more they take. I can say with confidence that someone making 6 figures is paying more in taxes than me, and someone making 7 figures, more than him.