legend of the seeker

legend of the seeker

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    ive watched this a couple of times. i do enjoy it, i must not lie.


    As far as TV adaptations of a fantasy series go, I’ll be willing to wait for Song of Ice & Fire than look up this Goodkind shit.


    god she is so fucking hot


    The TV series is sadly only slightly like the books, but yeah, she is frickin’ HOT and it’s still an enjoyable show.


    I just started reading Wizard’s First Rule. Seem pretty good so far, but I’ve read better.


    The books are so much better than the show. I can barely sit through an episode.


    i’ve never seen this nor do i know what it is about but this picture is very gay.

    and i mean that in the anal sex between two men way.

    this pic has been soaked in gay.


    Why do so many scifi/fantasy shows suck?


    @nyokki: because not everyone is willing to go Frank Miller on a project. The money men pander to what they think the adverts will like and damn the source material.


    I wonder if they’ll get to a part where Richard builds a statue made of such pure awesome, that he teaches an entire peace-loving communist society the value of hard work.

    Actually, I’m also wondering if they’ve added the hardcore S&M and almost rape the book is known for.

    The author probably has a basement dedicated to Ayn Rand being bound and gagged. The first two books weren’t that bad, either. Sad how that works out.


    The comparison between this show and the books is like eating pizza in Japan. It is still delicious it just isn’t really pizza.


    @SumoSnipe: I think it’s more than that. I think it may have something to do w/ the way scifi/fantasy is written. When we read it, we give it our own minds and make it something different to everyone. The authors want it that way. Most fiction writers try very hard to describe every detail sometimes ad nauseum, but that’s almost impossible in scifi/fantasy, so they give us just enough so that we fill in the blanks. I am almost always disappointed in the movie/tv versions, precisely because I had something completely different in my mind.
    …and then there’s Frank Miller.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: Have not Hulu’d that far to see if they have the Mord Sith in there.


    That’s supposed to be Richard? Phaw!

    I haven’t read those books in ages, I read them in Middle school. Yeah, geek then, don’t remember too much, the mordsith, the monkey things, the dragon, the pedophilia, the strange sex things in, and that’s about it. . . Haven’t read the latest three books sadly, or not so sadly. I kind of lost interest after the 16th book or what seemed like the 16th book. Kind of like WoT. . .

    Doc Shadow

    Haven’t seen the show… but as for the books, it seemed like one of those series that started out decent, got better, and then took a hard nose dive toward crap. It was a sad thing.


    Oh god, why did they put so much money in something that bad?
    That’s the worst collection of cliché and Mary-Sue I’ve seen since a while.


    Oh god, trainwreck….

    Their book versions would kill them……