Neglected kids are made to feel invisible

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    Hit them, it will help.


    Well this clearly isn’t going to help.




    THAT’s where I put him.


    Well if that is the way they are made, then so be it.

    Neglected children become strongly independent and self-reliant, or degenerate into spineless wimps.

    Nurtured children become weakly dependent and overly-reliant, or grow into confident solidity.

    I dunno. Whatever. Where am I? Who are you? Fuck the world!

    Alec Dalek

    Mac user using Windows:
    Oh my God! I am in pain, I had to click the mouse TWICE! Fuck’n Jesus what am I going to do, I’m crippled, damn my styrofoam bones. Damn you sweet Jesus and your kinetics! FAXE!