No.1 Game

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I saw this in Books-a-million. There no.1 game is a hat!

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    Sounds right.


    Compared to WoW, a hat IS more fun.


    Their no.1 game is a hat!

    Fixed it for ya…

    Unless you were trying for the Engrish version of “There, the number one game is a hat.”


    Nazis. I hate Nazis.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Does it come with a deck of cards to flip into it? Or do I have to supply my own?


    Nice hat. When I was a kid it was common to practice diving and rolling under the garage door to simulate the “Indian Jones” experience. Of course we didn’t have the pussy IR sensor system, so there was an actual risk of getting caught in and injured by the garage door. Supposedly a few kids died this way – but garage doors are slow, so I write that off as “natural selection” doing its thing. That’s when we weren’t being driven down bumpy roads and highways in the back of pickup trucks. I wonder what the pampered, pussified children of… Read more »


    Attercap: I hate Illinois Nazis


    “We Got a Full Tank of Gas, a Half a Pack of Cigarettes, It’s Dark and We’re Wearing Sun Glasses.” … “Hit It”


    It’s a Fedora and I have purchased one…


    We’re on a mission from God.


    No, actually, that hat is pretty good. I wasn’t expecting much before I bought it but I was pleasantly surprised.

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