Wolverine Wallpaper

Wolverine Wallpaper

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    Just set on my desktop! thanks! I am so psyched for this movie, 3 major summer blockbuster’s this year, its going to be great!


    damn this movie and what they did to deadpool!!!


    this movie was really, really bad.

    you will not like it if you’re familiar with anything about wolverine, gambit, deadpool, the x-men, or good movies in general.


    We’ll see when it comes out.


    I too was dissapointed with what they done to Deadpool. Reynolds was great as Wade, but the whole Deadpool thing was an absolute mess.

    Gambit was fine, they didn’t give him enough screen time though. I would love to see his origin done (properly) in one of the other movies.


    So everyone that watched the leak figured out that Deadpool managed to get as screwed up as we were worried that he was going to be. Good Job, Hollywood. Take one of most interesting comic characters of recent memory and screw him up royally.



    Already seen it but its worth going to the theaters to watch it.


    Some people [read:Magnus] say the final product released on May 1 will be significantly different than the leaked copy, especially the Deadpool ordeal.

    I’m hoping he’s right for our sake.

    But worst case scenario: I’ll bump my own Wolverine: Origines thread in the forums and laugh at him.


    An unlikely but still possible theory is that the early version was leaked to gauge reactions to the whole Deadpool thing, and depending on the fan’s reactions (which were as rabid as expected) they would either leave it be or change it using the additional material from the reshoots. Why would they risk financial losses if the movie fails at the box office because of the leak? Maybe it’s a test to assess the true impact of piracy on movies. A stretch, I know, but perhaps they also intend to use any potential backlash to crack down on file-sharing and… Read more »