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    Pryor? as in before. cause she’s a clone


    Pryor, yes. First appeared late ’88/early ’89 in the Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, New Mutants crossover titled “Inferno.” I can’t believe she’s still around. She was a one-story villainess if ever I’ve seen one. Someone at Marvel must’ve been pretty g.d. desperate for ideas to pull this one’s file out of the bin.


    rattybad: Wasn’t she a clone of Jean Grey? I think she was intended to be a foil for Emma Frost – a black witch to Emma’s white witch.


    @...hufnmouth: No, she showed up as a non-mutant back while Jean Grey was still dead the first time. She was a foil for Scott Summers. First she started out as the innocent woman who looked kind of like Jean, so Scott married her and had a kid with her, then abandoned her to form X-factor. She stuck around with the X-men and revealed herself as a clone of Jean Grey created by Mr. Sinister and proceeded to gain superfucking powers to move the Inferno plot line along. She was eventually merged back into Jean Grey, but still shows up in… Read more »


    Well, Maddie is alive (in a manner of speaking) and well in the current Uncanny arc, gathering some “sisters” to mess the X-Men up. Also, a few years ago she was semi-resurrected by Nate Grey (AKA X-Man) but disappeared when he dispersed himself into every living being to save Earth from an alien invasion (in a very stupid story, might I add). I’d like to point out that she wasn’t evil until she was corrupted by a demon while in a coma, and she was originally cloned by Mr. Sinister upon Jean’s first apparent death simply so that she can… Read more »


    @...hufnmouth: As I recall, she was intended to mess with Scott Summer’s head, since she looked so much like the lost Jean Grey. So I’m guessing the “foil” to Emma Frost is a recent development? I haven’t read much in the way of X-Men since it took a nosedive in ’92. Once Chris Claremont left and they let Fabian Nicieza and Jim Lee write stories, I walked away, though I still piece together recent storylines from online sources. I’m opposed to any pairing other than Scott/Jean. Emma Frost…I don’t know why she even exists as an X-Men, much less why… Read more »


    rattybad: It’s pretty obvious that she exists to be a Jean Grey without all the baggage that being an actual Jean Grey entails.


    Plus she dresses way better.

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