U.S.S. Franklin

U.S.S. Franklin

what a wonderful screen porch!

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    This is fucking awesome and I would like to go on it.

    Luke Magnifico

    I would like to live in it.




    I badly would like to live on a floating island.

    There was a really cool design that had three “mountains” and the residents actually live below the water with green on the top of all the above-water structures. Looked really neat. I can’t find it though, damnit!

    Teutonic Logic

    Hey its Franklin,
    Coming over to play,
    Growing a little every day,
    Here he comes with all his friends,
    They’ve got stories, time to spend with you,
    Hey its Franklin,
    coming to your house,
    Hey its Franklin,
    coming to my house

    American Perv

    Looks like its designed to tip over.


    DO WANT!


    Actually, she was never meant to sail that way. She was a screw frigate (yes, that’s how they were called) built in the 1860s, and quite the combat vessel for her time. It was later turned into a “receiving vessel” used for housing crew when returning from the sea; essentially a barracks ship. All that housing was built upon the old hull.


    Luke Magnifico

    @American Perv: Is that not an outrigger on the left?

    American Perv

    , thanks for the info. I love naval tech and history from that era but don’t know enough about it.


    I must visit the USS Constitution! Old Ironside.