spider-man vs venom

spider-man vs venom

of all the spider-man costumes in the world, I like this one best.


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    Ben Reilly AKA Scarlet Spider


    Wow Eddie Brock has some neat teeth.


    What Tetsuo said. Not spiderman. Scarlet Spider. Peter Parker might be offended if you said otherwise.


    That’s VENOM, Dammit. Not that scrawny little dork Topher Grace…


    ^^Just grumbling about that abortion of a movie….


    Tyger42: Please grumble. Not enough grumbling has been done about this failure of a movie. Or movies I should say. Sam Raimi should be ashamed of himself.


    Ben Reilly did hold the Spider-Man title for a while. Don’t be haters! Of all the 90’s “upgrades” I thought Ben as Spidey was the best.


    Tetsuo137: From what I understand, Sam wanted 3 to be a Sandman movie. Throwing Venom into the mix was kinda forced on him, so I’d say that’s at least in part to blame for the mess that the movie became. I can see how it would have been so much better leaving Venom out….and it’s pretty hard for me to imagine the REAL Venom’s absence making any Spidey story better.
    If they wanted to do a 4th movie, I can see how they could make Carnage work. No guarantee a bit of the symbiote didn’t survive the explosion. 😉 Or there’s that bit Pete gave to the professor. ( Hell, they could justify saying Eddie was blow clear and just badly injured rather than killed… )


    The first 2 were ok, but that’s not saying much. I’d have liked to see how the new Marvel/Paramount filmmakers would have done spidey now. They’ve been rocking out Iron Man and made The Hulk so much better than the other one that was made. The last one woulda been better if they focused on only one villain instead of 2. They coulda introduced the symbiote and black suit in this one and brought Eddy Brock (non Topher Grace) into a 4th one. Either way I agree…Sam Raimi should be ashamed of himself.

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