nuke mecca – throw pork at those that survive


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    Howie Feltersnatch

    Bomb ’em back to the stone age!

    Oh wait, that’s where they want to live, isn’t it?


    That is very biased and unfair.

    I demand that you also nuke Jerusalem and Rome. Salt Lake City wouldn’t hurt either.


    Right, by GOD, ON. Let’s do it NOW.


    Awesome post

    It sounds like courage wolf made it

    I agree with ack. Seriously, this is just f**king ignorant. American’s have killed WAY, WAY, WAY more people than the target “community” here. I’m a christian and know a lot of awesome muslim people. Informed criticism is welcome in our society, but this is just childish racism. Tiki, I await your imminent banning or flaming, but this is just stupid and lowers this site in my eyes (which is a shame cause I love this site).

    tiki god

    Snarky Parker

    @everyone else who knows me:

    You guys know damn well that I don’t usually do this, but…

    1. So you’re in BAWWW mode, eh? I’ll give a link to where you can solve this matter:

    2. Tiki is the moderator

    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2


    Hell FUCK yeah!
    This sounds like one good idea!

    ha! ok, gotta admit, I lol’d at responses. Just felt like typing some CAPSLOCK words for my muslim homies. Still love you tiki. Thanks for like Paul. Still filling out now.

    correction, meant thanks for “link” Paul”


    I’m the King of France

    Paul Kersey
    Just to clarify, does Butthurt make me gay?


    Riiight..because I’m sure you’ve been so adamant about sticking up for the Christians when they’re bashed on here too. By the way, Muslim is not a race, it’s a religion. As John Lennon opined, “Just Imagine.”


    tiki god: Oh NO! What ever will you do?!
    natedog: What he said.


    Sweet… I started a revolt.

    Burn the Tiki! Wha? It’s his site? Damn the bad luck. Burn, burn him I say!

    Seriously, I don’t really care who burns, but I want to see it. Burn somethin’! Burn it with some pork and shit! Burn!

    Snarky Parker


    How about Avril Lavigne?


    mini-schnauzer: Eh, oughta give it up on the “racism” thing. It’s become the catch-all word for discrimination. At this point, it’s really too late to try to fight that fact.



    Fuck you. Salt Lake City is awesome.


    The Muslim Religion Is Said To Be The Religion Of Peace & Tolerance. EPIC FAIL!

    Leonardo Da Nietzsche

    I don’t understand, is pig meat some sort of radiation balm?


    Leonardo Da Nietzsche: I hope you’re trolling, but in case you aren’t…Muslims don’t eat pork. They can’t eve eat anything that’s been cooked on the same grill as pork.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    I’m all for making fun of all the various religions of the world, but promoting violence for any of them (small extremist subgroups excepted) is in poor taste. For shame, tiki, for shame.


    Nemo Intermundorum:

    YEah. Bitch next time he’s making fun of Christian’s then.

    Fuckin’ troll.


    Timmay72: Same can be said about every fucking mainstream religion in the entire world.


    Paul Kersey:
    Avril… blech, don’t get me started on that one…

    Sorry man, I should have made myself more clear. Salt Lake City is cool. The dick scum that lives there is what I don’t like. Holy underwear indeed.

    Good man. I completely agree. Why pick on one religion. It’s nearly impossible to tell them apart from a distance.

    it’s going to take an atrocity for America to get pissed off enough to nuke the middle east. if you’re still in the “islam is peace” camp when that happens you can join them in confinement or death


    If someone’s got to nuke Mecca, they had better do it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.



    Don’t worry man, I hate the douche’s that live there too:)


    Why wait for our military to nuke? Just go down to your local Mosque with an automatic weapon and kill them yourself. Don’t forget to throw pork on those that survive.

    Or cut their gasping throats with a serrated knife, whichever works best.


    Those of you QQing about this, please QQ more. Your tears fuel my Muslim destroying machine.



    And what’s the problem here, why can’t have a problem with this just because he’s Christian.

    Surprise, you don’t have to believe in any specific god to value compassion and love.

    And I know there are a lot of people on here who genuinely believe nuking places is going to solve anything. Too bad that you can’t actually kill ignorance and intolerance, or we would have to start with those people who think nuking places is the right thing to do.




    I have/don’t have a problem with this….
    I’m an Atheist, don’t want or believe in grouping with others and discussing it either…

    I just think the list is way too short…
    Throw in Texas and maybe we got a deal k ?

    General X

    All I will say is that the person who made this pic is very, very lucky that God is most merciful and forgiving.
    I also kindly ask tiki to remove this image. It is offensive beyond belief. Children pornography does not measure up to how abhorrent this is to Muslims. Please have understanding and remove this image.


    General X:

    Hey. I think you know very well that Tiki doesn’t remove pictures. I agree with what you said though. It’s interesting how people find these kind of pictures so acceptable, but if it were a picture of America for example there would be thrice as many comments here.
    Here’s the thing, people who believe in genocide for whatever reason, are either barbaric psychos, or ignorant monkeys who don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m not sure which one is worse.

    But if you compare these kind of people to American soldiers for example, soldiers who have been to these places and maybe even killed Muslims – you would never hear any such thing from any soldier. The majority anyway.
    Which goes to show how the people who are willing to give up their life for their beliefs, are far more courageous and good, then the people who send them to war. At least all the American soldiers I have encountered have made that impression.

    Sometimes I wonder how it got to this point so quickly. Then I think of WWII, it was very similar. The people actually believed that all Jews were a threat. They were absolutely convinced that every single one of them wanted to harm the people around them. If you compare that to today, how so many people are convinced every Muslim is a terrorist monster, it’s not surprising.

    Humans amuse me.

    Snarky Parker

    Fuck this shit I’m becoming a Quaker.


    Paul Kersey: Are you hitting on me.


    General X: QQ more

    General X

    In my lifetime I have felt the scourge of war on my skin. I live in Bosnia. There has also been a genocide as was confirmed by the ICJ. I agree with you dieAntagonista, those who have felt first hand war and fighting would never wish it upon anyone and least of all joke about it.
    I think that it has not sunk in that there is a huge number of Muslims in the world. Every sixth human being is a Muslim. What is throwing the world in turmoil now is but a fraction of a percentage point. If someone nuked Mecca I guarantee that that would be the end of the World. This is a fact. Every Muslim in the world and a fair bit of others would rise and crash down upon whoever committed that atrocity with the unstoppable force of the ages. And when the dust settled there would be only cockroaches.
    It is a funny thing. History has shown us that whenever a nation directs its ire against another, that nation is destined to become that which it combats. This it seems is happening to certain aspects of America with torture and 1984 like mentality. But look at the Romans who persecuted the Christians and now are the base of that faith. Who is to say what the future brings. Likely, the grandchildren of the creator of this image are likely to pray toward the place he so very heinously depicted being destroyed.
    Oh, and tiki does remove images when their copyright holder asks it, surely the one billion people in this world we all share deserve nothing less of him. Please.
    Doube Oh, to Corndoggeh, I do not cry. It is not I who has most likely drawn the ire of the Almighty upon myself.


    General X:

    …person who made this pic is very, very lucky that God is most merciful and forgiving.

    Then it’s not really luck is it? It just is.

    General X

    Well we could have all been created by a vengfull God. I am just saying…

    Snarky Parker


    lol wut?


    Paul Kersey: Is that a no? Aw.


    General X, “Children pornography does not measure up to how abhorrent this is to Muslims.”

    That doesn’t surprise me that you think this when your so-called prophet married a 9 year little girl. Not to mention that your religious leaders has currently allowed a forced marriage of a 8 year old to a 43 year old pervert to stand. Your religion is sick, so get over yourself.



    It’s people who are sick, not the religion. If people choose to do sick things, it’s very likely they would do it for some other reason if not because of religion.

    Second, in the bible it also states that it’s ok to rape women and children, so don’t call only his religion sick, go ahead be honest and say sick people do sick things.

    So him complaining about a picture that suggests nuking a place would be funny, or good makes you say he should get over himself – and the people who are all serious about this and say this should be done are all right?

    Stop caring about what a man did or didn’t do a long time ago, and look at these psychos that you find so acceptable.


    Also, there are no religious leaders in Islam. They have no pope or priests. So what the fuck are you talking about.

    Besides, even if there are some people who represent Islam to you, that doesn’t mean that all Muslims agree with what they do. There are Catholic priests who rape little boys, does that mean that all Christians believe that’s right?

    Inconsistency is ugly.


    dieAntagonista: I would say that ‘religion’ is what sick people make up to justify their sickness.


    nyokki: Nah, religion was already made up by people a long time ago. People today, are merely using or abusing what’s already available.

    Except scientology, I guess.

    You could say that they make up their own meaning of justice, and god etc, of course that’s true. But again, the ideas of those things stems from religion which they did not create.


    dieAnt, I’m not a christian, but I don’t see a large portion of the christian population raping children just because it happen in the old testament, yet Muslims in general don’t seem to have a problem with that. Just look at the current Islamic laws supported today about raping wives and forced marriages of little girls to old men.

    Muslim do have priest and other “Holy” leaders, they are called Imams, Ayatollahs, Caliphs and Mullahs, and they hold great control over their believers.

    Islam is also the only major religion that dictates, in its “holy” book, death to any person that leaves the religion, that doesn’t seem very peaceful or tolerant.

    To me, a religion where most of its believers actively support, in the modern age, the raping of woman and children, the promise of virgin girls and boys in the after-life for martyrs, and death for those leave, is a sick cult. Make fun of christians if you want, I don’t care, but its amazing how those same people who ridicule christians won’t even accept or talk about the awful truth of Islam.



    I’m afraid you’re accusing me of things I didn’t do. Where did I ridicule Christians? Because I made the comparison with priests raping little boys? I wasn’t ridiculing Christians, it’s the truth and I tried to show you that people of all religions can do bad things, if they choose to do so.

    So you don’t see a large portion of Christians committing a crime, and that makes you condemn all Muslims. Interesting, but your logic is flawed.
    As of now, America has the highest reported rape rate in the entire world. Do you think because of that, that all Americans are rapists, or do you still judge every American individually.
    The Nazis in WWII have murdered 6 million Jews.
    Americans have killed over 1 million Iraqis, their land is destroyed.
    And the list goes on. Where are the many wars, and tragic deaths that Muslims have caused? 9/11 is the only one I can think of, unsurprisingly, it’s also when people started acknowledging Muslims and their culture. Interesting, don’t you think.

    You have no proof to back up your claims either. Show me the statistics that prove that such a large portion of Muslims are all rapists and murderers. There are currently close to 2 billion Muslims in this world. Do you even realise how many people you’re talking about here. If your claims would be even close to the truth, don’t you think you’d hear NON STOP about it on the news? Don’t you think that women in those countries would be protesting, running away and other things, all the time?

    The Koran teaches nothing about any religious leaders in Islam. Yet you recognise those self proclaimed leaders, and judge 2 billion people according to those leaders’ actions. So you ignore one thing that their book teaches, but you recognise another, the thing about killing people.
    Do you see the problem here? Inconsistency. It does not work like that. You need to start disregarding their book completely, if you don’t believe in Islam, and start judging the people by what they do. Not by what their leaders do, or the few ones you see on TV.
    Do you want to be judged individually? Do you want to be grouped together with all people that have the same beliefs as you? Whether you agree with their actions or not? Of course you don’t.

    I suggest you start treating people the way you want to be treated. Anything else makes you a hypocrite. And again, you condemn all Muslims because of those few ones you have heard of, yet at the same time you have obviously no problem with people like the ones in this thread. Who openly suggest, genocide is good.


    I judge individuals as indivduals, but what we are talking here is a group of people who has chosen to belong to an extremist religion. I condemn the group who actively support and/or passively accept evil done the name of their religion.

    In every country where there is a sizable Muslim community there is trouble caused by their more violent believers even if they do not make up the majority, like in The Phillipines, Thailand, France, Denmark, UK, India. I suggest you learn about the realities of how Muslim act or though inaction allows to happen. Try to even find two Muslim control countries where they aren’t in a conflict with their neighbors or there own people (and I not taking about limited police stuff, everyone has those, but actual military operations).

    I’ve read the Koran and you said I pick out one thing in their book and ignore another. Well, it’s not my book it’s theirs and it’s not me who is ignore parts, it is the Muslims themselves.

    You can hide from the facts if you want to feel smug about your tolerance of a tyrannical belief system and accept in blind faith that all Muslims are good people, but until more Muslims stand up against those that commit heinous acts in their names I will continue to have little respect for that religion.


    gor: Fairly well said. I think it tends to be the more fanatic Muslims that end up speaking for the majority moderates. As long as the moderates allow it, then they, de facto, approve of it. They’re afraid the fanatics may be right and too powerful to stop.

    dieAntagonista: I really think it’s the other way around. People that begin religions are generally fanatic. Fanatics don’t generally reason well outside their own revelations/delusions. There are always contradictions in their thinking and that allows the more violent believers to use them as an excuse to practice ad justify their violence. Given enough time the philosophers will come and try to explain what the ‘prophet’ (whichever one, irrelevant to my point) really meant and will attempt a whole world view based in the teachings of prophet A or B or C.

    Before everyone slams me about the delusion remark, I’m talking about the prophet and not every or even most followers. I respect and love many who are believers.


    Pork is tasty.


    AND THEN sow the ground with salt.

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