emo oil

emo oil


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    …after slashing oil prices Shell promotes their new marketing slogan.


    Odds are it’s from on of the many emo petrol stations in Ireland www.emo.ie/


    Is this stuff “for” Emo’s
    or, is it made “from” Emo’s?



    I assume there’s a place that distributes Shell heating oil based in Emo.
    I don’t like Emo, cause it means there’s still about 3 hours to go on the bus from Dublin to Limerick.


    colonel-yum-yum: I don’t think they use Shell trucks.

    The phone number, license plates and bus suggest this is in the UK, not Ireland.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I sometimes see emos when I’m riding the Metro. They’re always moping in their seats, with their heads slumped against the window, and when they get up, there’s the most hellacious, drippy greaseprint left on the window.

    So Ima guess that emo oil comes from emos. You probably just start punching emos in the face repeatedly, then sop up whatever is left. You’d have to refine it to get rid of the tears, though.

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