Medieval Astronomy

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    Ptolemy- fuck the world! FTW.


    It’s amazing the extent that people will go to to try and justify their pre-conceived notions of the universe. Like any of those creation scientists.

    Occam’s razor ftw.


    “God did it” IS a simpler answer than Evolution + BigBang.

    The simplest answer is easier to believe, but much harder to defend or prove in the face of complexity.

    The problem with mislabeled “creation” logic is that the world does not file away into neat little boxes like male, female, black, white, good and evil. The Christian Creationist mind cannot handle hermaphrodites, eunuchs or the fact that Ghandi was a racist who inspired MLK.

    Their litle word crumbles when you tell them that their thrice translated text is not a “reliable source” for facts and data and should not be taken at face value.

    But they do make some entertaining websites. 🙂


    What do Christian Creationists have to do with Ghandi or Mister King.
    Besides, even racists can have a good effect on people. Ghandi taught many great things, that make it easy to disregard whatever else he has done, and just respect his teachings, and not him as a person.
    That being said, Ghandi was a wife killer and a hypocrite. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from him.

    You are so incredibly out of touch.


    CathyLong: “God did it” is simpler until you try to go into the why and how. The theory of the Big Bang is ultimately a simpler explanation than trying to scientifically justify the text of the Bible and the mythology of the church as a literal history. And explaining the motion of the planets becomes a LOT simpler when you put the sun in the center.


    deuce: CathyLong:

    You guys have no fucking clue what you are talking about. Your ignorance of religion and intelligent design is quite appalling.

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