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\’bout ten years ago I stole a model plane from my brother, because he wouldn\’t let me help him make a model of an F-15 he was working on, so while he was busy I swiped an F-16 kit from his pile and made/painted it, and fell in love with fighter jets, a dreamy one sided romance that continues to this day. He wasn\’t too happy. I painted it pink.

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    Goddamn, the mountains in that second picture make me homesick for places that aren’t my home anymore.

    I fucking hate living in the desert.


    I always enjoy the shots of Jets flying over Egypt. I love Ancient Civilizations and Fighter Jets.

    Billy Manic

    Those aren’t falcons, silly. Falcons can’t fl–, uh, falcons…are birds.


    @Puulaahi: Instead of Moses bringing down plagues, he calls in a precision airstrike.


    The Navy turned the Falcon down for two reasons: 1 – They weren’t strong enough to survive repeated traps on a carrier. 2 – They foresaw the wire chafing issue the Air Force was later sued over. It seemed obvious to Naval engineers that rubbing wires across a sharp edge would lead to failure. Go figure. 🙂

    Luke Magnifico

    Swoop Swoop Swoop