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I love these beautiful fighter jets so much! So hot, in that sexy killer war-machine kind of way.

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    Oh my inner boy just leapt for joy. I always loved this plane, along with the F-117 Nighthawk.

    Billy Manic

    That is not a raptor, silly. Raptors can’t fly.


    In the early ’90s, GI joe/mattel- released a toy/water gun that was this plane before it was ever invented… Had a cockpit that would open to change gi joe pilots.. Orange handle held water that squirted out the nose. Was one of my fav toys as a kid.. Then they made a life size. sounds like our Gov. is taking ideas from kids cartoons?


    Did anyone expect to see a Raptor Jesus snuck in the set of pics?

    Unless Raptor Jesus is one of the pilots!


    Too bad Obama and his hippies are gonna cut funding for these and alot of other defense stuff.


    Timmay72: And allocate those funds to things that are more useful. Oh my.


    This is where a Yo Dawg shoop is considered acceptable.


    “Let’s give ’em an air show” is always the first thing to come to my head when I see one of these.


    Awesome planes, but really more tech than we need, and they cost way too much. I live about two miles from one of the bases that could be a training center for the F-35, which would be pretty nice for the local (fucked-up) economy.

    Moe: The first test flights of the Raptor were back in 1990.


    Its really a shame that Gates wants to go with the “high-risk” number of ’22s…and put about a million people out of work

    tiki god

    uh, if by “his hippies” you mean the Secretary of Defense that GWB put into office….are you retarded?

    I somehow think you’re overestimating that number. There’s over a million people working on a hundred F-22’s?

    Are you both insane?


    Have to admit I always wanted the YF-23 to win the competition, I thought it looked cooler in a sci-fi kind of way…


    Let’s stop making F-22s because they’re more technology then we need… *whisper* Oh by the way we’re switching them with the F-35 which is even more technology hihihihihi.


    Thrella: Yes, more technology in that “less technology and about $50 million less per jet” sort of way.


    Sorry, I re-checked my source and added an extra zero, either way…its a lot of people along the manufacturing line.


    F-22 and F-23 are both sexy killing machines.


    @...tiki god: Well it is not one million but closer to 90,000 It’s a loss of jobs,” said Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA). “It’s 90,000 jobs across 49 states and the United States. Final assembly takes place in Marietta, but parts and software and employees work at 49 states to make the F-22.” @...Timmay72: They’ve been talking about taking down the f-22 program for a while, it’s a good plane but they issued it way too early. Still i think they should continue production simply for the fact that the PAK-FA fighter is going to debut this year, and a lot… Read more »