Tough Monk

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    Don’t mess with Buddhist Monks, they know Kung Fu and have a fetish with abusing themselves to be stronger.

    Alec Dalek

    Meh, stuff like this always turn out to be fake in some way. Like how walking on burning coals doesn’t actual hurt, if you walk on the big rocks. This is probably just as lame.


    Not monks. They break cinderblocks over their ribs to make themselves stronger. Monks are fucking badass.

    Alec Dalek

    Sticky: If those spears are actually sharp, I don’t care how ripped your abs are, they will penetrate. I’m guessing they’re dull. Still painful, but not what they want you to think.


    Level 11 Monk: Diamond Body!


    They look kinda like Shaolin monks to me. Anyone know?

    I took Shaolin Kenpo for a few years a while back. 🙂


    AlecDalek: its not the big rocks that don’t hurt, its walking on the ashes. why would big rocks(in direct heat) burn less?!

    they are sharp(enough?). but the monks are working together. they don’t want to stab him. how sharp do you need them to be to do that?


    They use volcanic rocks that disperse heat quickly, so the tops of the large rocks are cool while the bottoms are glowing red. Kind of like big insulators.


    this is what they do when the cable is out and they can’t watch Kung Fu.


    Yeah but is he bulletproof?


    Jaffo: Bulletproof: yes. Remo vs. Chiun (6:36)

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Dude looks pretty skinny, doubt he weighs over 100 lbs. Five spears, each is exerting 20 pounds of force against him. If the tips are a bit blunt, they’re not going to penetrate.

    Someone should paint an arrow on his head and then he could be all like, “Look at me! I’m Fagatar, the last shitbender, and I’m flying! Wheeeeeee!”


    Never say an ill word about the Avatar. He will bend your shit 2 weeks to Tuesday. So I’ve heard…


    The coals are frequently broken up to expose the hot inner cores of the ash. There’s no “big rocks” to walk on – None more than an inch across. It doesn’t actually hurt because the specific heat capacity of human flesh on the toughened sole of the foot and the low heat conductivity of wood coals means hot coals can be walked on briskly without pain.

    Also, as for “just as lame”, I’d like to see you walk on hot coals, MF.


    I hold a rank of lao shih in a Shaolin traditional style and can say that , yes, these are monks from the temple and, no, these are not sharpened spear heads, but the ratio of weight to surface area is great and painful. The point of the exercise is to strengthen qi, specifically Wei qi which is a protective from. Iron body training, deep meditation are ways to achieve this as well just good living, eating. Wei qi helps fight of infections as well. My own teacher has pushed into a spear like this breaking the shaft with the… Read more »

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