I want to kiss you!

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Get any closer buddy and I\’ll nail you one on the nose

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    But, but, ah, man . . .


    I could use a good kiss.


    I’d let her.


    “I want to fuck yoi”


    She always keeps one half of her face covered – and for good reason.


    This gives me teh lonely 🙁


    @joodles: Drink lots of beer, then go make fun of casemods. Other people do it and it seems to work out fine for them. It’s only a temporary fix though so you’ll have to repeat it very often.


    @Drunkin: dude…dude…dude… what are you doing man, what are you doing. you know you talking to a lady here?
    ma’am, drink lots of whiskey& rum, then go make fun of casemods.


    [creepy internet stalker on]Come stay with me. I’ll keep you company.[/creepy internet stalker deactivated]


    @Drunkin: I don’t drink.
    I don’t really know why. I just don’t like the taste, never got into drinking. Never much had teh lonely!

    @Sticky: The internet just doesn’t do it for me anymore!


    @ColombianMonkey: Well FFS man. How the hell am I supposed to know? I think I need symbols or pictures next to names to tell.

    @joodles: Easily fixable problem you have there. As for the lonely part, join the club?


    @Drunkin: Naw, I ain’t gonna start the drinkin’! I’m better off without it.


    @joodles: True that. It’s a shame I’m a sucker for peer pressure.


    @numb7rs: And I’m Irish, it’s been done.


    I think joodles is magnificent at everything she does. With or without distilled sugar.

    @lolcat: The picture you linked was edited very very badly. The picture on here is like 100 times better.


    @joodles: Haha, and I thought that was just a stereotype.


    @dieAntagonista: Aw, thanks dieA! I figured I’m as much a bad-ass bitch without the alkohol.
    @numb7rs: It’s so true, people really do drink way too much here. They do in the States too, I would imagine.


    @joodles: I wouldn’t know, what with living just south of London and all. Though I work in my Students’ Union club, so I’ve seen enough drunks to know there’s a problem.


    @numb7rs: Sorry, I assume everyone else is American here! It’s a huge problem in the UK too, isn’t it?


    @joodles: That’s ok, it’s a fair assumption to make. I can’t understand people that get to a state where they physically can’t walk. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve seen passed out on a Friday night. Sure, a few drinks can make a night out more enjoyable, but ending up being dragged home unconscious? Doesn’t seem fun to me.


    I’ve gotten there, but never with the intention of leaving the place I’m drinking, so no reason to be dragged home. Well, at least not till the next morning.


    good lord thats hot.

    @joodles: so you’re saying your available…? whoops the restraining order, i forgot. i understand, your in ireland and i’m in michigan. thats like 70 miles or 397 hectograms. and i’m not ready for a long distance relati… i smell bacon


    @z4lis: www.flickr.com/photos/digitalpsam/3410635325/in/set-72157615584574720/ Yeah I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there.