no smoking / when your done smoking put em here

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Snapped in front of a Chevron. I was walking toward the ash can to put out my cig, saw the sign and actually froze as my brain said “put cigs here” while my eyes saw “no cigs here”.

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    your is possessive. for the love of God, when will people learn you+are (as in, when you are finished smoking)is you’re. damn it.


    grammar! it burnsss us!


    It seems counter-intuitive, but they clearly mean that from here on, smoking is prohibited, so put out your damn cigarette here. 🙂


    I like my correct grammar as much as the next guy, but seriously…

    Just quietly ponder your superiority over the uneducated masses who misuse your/you’re, and stop complaining out loud. We don’t care anymore.


    In fact, if you’re going to complain about bad grammar… Start applauding people who use correct grammar. Only fair, right?


    WAT DO I DO???

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