Hungarian Wet T-Shirt Festival

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“A bucket of water is poured onto a woman of the Paloc minority, dressed in her traditional clothing, in Holloko, Hungary, Thursday, April 9, 2009, during a rehearsal of the typical Hungarian Easter tradition when men pour water on women.”

Source: “good news photos”

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    Before or after the money shot?


    She could be hot. Are there any pictures without water in the way? or clothes?


    this is what my heritage is all about.


    Yes, typical Hungarian festival after Communism. One of the only places that uses water cannons found in riot gear for wet t-shirt contests.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Does it help with the stink?


    Hungarians don’t stink. They’re very proud and hard working people. The majority is well spoken and bilingual. Their language is an art, to put it simple. It’s not based on Latin, and very different than any other European language.


    Wait no, that was supposed to be trilingual. Yeah, it’s hard to find a Hungarian who can’t speak at least 3 languages or more.


    since i’m always hungry i should go to hungary! for some comida!
    LOL @ Blondie


    @dieAntagonista: agreed. I tried to learn magyarul. It’s almost an impossible task 🙂 Their country is a beautiful place to live though.


    @copypaiste: Wow. You got my respect. I thought about trying to learn it, but I’m already working on two other languages. Not to mention that it would take incredibly long. And yes, their country is beautiful indeed. I also like how active everyone is. They’re all out on bikes, running around, working – all day.

    So how come you’re interested in it?


    Hi, my name is splendid, and i’m hungarian (and i’m an alcoholic). That’s not what every hungarian people usually do at easter. It’s some kind of hardcore traditional stuff, the average people takes it easier. The man visits the girl and pours with cheap perfume, then the girl’s giving him some pálinka. So it’s all about drinking.

    I’ve got some difficulties with the english language, so i’m not even bilingual.. dieAntagonista, you’re too nice to us 🙂


    @dieAntagonista: I did that for my beloved.


    @copypaiste: Aw, that’s sweet.


    I didn’t say all Hungarians, I said the majority. And I’m not too nice, I am Romanian. We’re supposed to not like each other, so rest assured that what I’m saying has to be close to the truth.:p
    Also, sorry about your alcoholism. I hope you’re enjoying it at least though.

    I love Pálinka.