BMW art car â„¢

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It\’s a calculated collision of auto and art. The creative expressions of life and contemporary culture painted on BMW. Sandro Chia\’s design for the 13th BMW Art Carâ„¢ provided the template for this 1993 850ci.

\’The car as a social object of desire reflects the gazes it attracts, presenting itself to observers like a kind of mirror.\’ said sandro chia. The idea for the BMW Art Carâ„¢ was born in 1975 when Herve Poulain, the auctioneer and driver of the 24-hour race at Le Mans, was looking for a link between art and motor racing. He had his BMW 3.0 CSL designed as a piece of art by his friend, American artist Alexander Calder. the rest is history, up to today there are 16 different bmw art cars. painted by artists like andy warhol , roy lichtenstein and david hocnkey.
\’BMW art carâ„¢ \’and \’bmdoublesyouâ„¢ \’ are trademarks of the car spaâ„¢.

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    the gaze is a powerful tool in the art world. harness it and the patron becomes your servant.

    also, reminds me of “the faces of belmez”.


    This is the kind of crap you deface hondas and cars without yet a paintjob with.

    Graffiti and tags fail.


    This smells funny.


    That comma-less tag is suspiciously stupid. This isn’t a real post, this is a cheap and lame advertisement. The specifically mentioned trademarks in the description cap it off.


    This is pure shit.


    Art for arts sake or art for BMW’s sake? Mmmmhmmmm

    @sylvanish: I concur.


    I would almost not take this car even if it was given to me for free, simply because I wont pay for a new paint job or drive around with its current.


    Tiki best be getting paid for such as this.

    I think bmdoublesyou is like, a bot.

    Still, this is inspiring me to go out with some stencils and spray paint black flowers on the first parked BMW I can find. There’s quite a few in this neighborhood too.




    Meh.. on an 8 series no less.. more meh..


    @sylvanish: Tiki has informed me that there will be a new contest. It involves seeking newer BMW’s with nice paint jobs and no body damage and trying your best to emulate this.

    You must take the before and after pictures.

    You can do it at night, but the pictures must be in the daytime.




    what a waste, covering up a perfectly good car with shitty Picasso wannabe drawings, that just sucks.
    needs more feces