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    53 Responses ttto Another Free Country Courtesy of USA

    1. Azar says:

      when did this happen?

    2. Puulaahi says:

      Is this a list of US Military bases worldwide?

    3. gx5000 says:

      This has got to be the biggest troll post evar….

    4. Rineholt says:

      No like it or not this is a list of Countries that are free to choose their own lifestyle and self-government thanks to the efforts of USA. Starting from our involvement in world conflict with WWI till now. Western Europe, Africa and Russia from WW2. Russian Controlled USSR states from end of Cold War. Etc. That is not to say our government still doesn’t mess things up with over involvement after the fact.

    5. uberubermensch says:

      hmm, France at the top of the list… I seem to remember them having a part in the long forgotten American Revolutionary War.

    6. MikeBabaguh says:

      France helped fund our revolution.

      Also…Russia? Is this serious?

    7. Alfalfasprouts says:

      Yea… this is serious… then their governments became fucked up just like ours did… but none of you would know that because you all sound pretty fucking retarded to begin with… so with that being said… go back to watching your savior Bill Maher!!!

    8. Puulaahi says:

      @Alfalfasprouts: When was our government and their government perfect oh knowledgeable one (probably from middle America) that hates Bill Maher (of all people). Does he make fun of your religion and make you sad? lol

    9. MikeBabaguh says:

      I like Bill Maher because he’s entertaining. I don’t consider him a legitimate news source. Hell, I still have problems considering Jon Stewart a legitimate news source, and he’s arguably a better source than the “mainstream media” is.

      The more I read the list of nations the more I am troubled by it. It seems to list every single nation that came about as a result of the two World Wars. It lists Czechoslovakia as though it were still one nation. It also lists Korea as though there weren’t two nations carrying that name. It lists every country that was once a part of the USSR.

      I’m fairly certain the USSR collapsed under its own weight, without our help.

      I’m still really disturbed by Russia’s presence on this list.

    10. Hendu says:

      Italy? Really? Hasn’t Italy been a county for like 2000 years and other than Mussolini who left with out US force, the US has nothing to do with Italy? This is the most obvious one to me which discredits this whole list.

    11. Sticky says:

      *huff puff huff huff puff*
      “In before *Gasp!* shit hits the fan!”

    12. Sticky says:

      I am of course referring to blatant name calling and nothing but unintelligible flaming, which will undoubtedly occur.

    13. garbledxmission says:

      @Hendu. Stop huffing gas. Seriously, it’s starting to show in the blindingly painful retardedness of your posts. Just stop.
      Now go google “Rome” and “Italy” and “WWII”. Read as much as your hamster brain can cope with then come back and try and formulate a post that doesn’t reek so much of stupid that I can smell it THROUGH MY MONITOR.

    14. Sticky says:

      Holy shit, just got in. Woo!

    15. garbledxmission says:

      @Sticky, you’re lucky I had to answer the phone or you would have been too late! How does it feel to be a prophet of the future? (cue freaky weird music….)

      Russia’s being on the list is dubious at best.

    16. General X says:

      Hey, HEY, why isn’t Bosnia and Hercegovina on that list. What are we? Lepers?

    17. Hendu says:

      No, I like gas. No2 espscially. But the next up on this list that should discredit it is Korea. Last I knew Korea was not a “free country”. The last I knew Korea wasn’t a country at all. How did the US free Korea? So suck it

    18. Puulaahi says:

      @Hendu: North Korea and South Korea are not the same country. Stop inhaling jenkem.

    19. Hendu says:

      Is that what North Korea and South Korea means? I thought they were same just different sides of the equator.

    20. Sticky says:

      TECHNICALLY South Korea is a powerhouse while North Korea endures and rots away in a slow and painful economic, political, and social death. South Korea is West Germany to North Korea’s East Germany, if you will.

    21. Hendu says:

      Never mind my sarcasm. All I was trying to get at is that this list seems far too exagerated. The Us has helped a ton of people and countries, and I applud them for that. But this list, to me, is inaccurate being they did not “free” all of them nor did they give them “freedom”. Some? Yes. All? No. Now let me get back to my nitrous.

    22. rattybad says:

      @Alfalfasprouts: And the United States is only free because of FRANCE, you ignorant fuck, not to mention our various allies in wars of the 19th century that took place on American soil. You think we’d even have a country if the French hadn’t backed us up in the Revolutionary War?

      Seriously, posts such as this embarrass me as an American because they highlight the arrogant, ignorant jackasses we have over here; and that makes the country look stupid as a whole.

    23. garbledxmission says:

      @Hendu. No, you were either trying to get a reaction or displaying a biblical level of ignorance. Did you think the US govt actually made the poster? And that it justified your moral outrage? No. Some ignorant person made it and the duck submitted it because he thought it would make for good discussion fodder. Which it has. (good job ducky) You pounding all that sand up your vagina just means you are gullible AND stupid.

    24. dub_1211 says:

      @Rineholt: bah, that’s a load of self-interest bullshit and you fucking know it. don’t kid yourself, or anyone else here who can obviously see that the USA thinks about one thing: itself. the government reflects the society, you know.

    25. *munches popcorn, expects flame war*

      Ahhhh, this is lame. Everyone is being too rational.

      *puts down popcorn, walks out of theater*

    26. KommissarKvC says:

      cant be military bases, Russia would never let americans in

    27. RenegadeRick says:

      Why isn’t the US on this list?

      ooops… sorry, my bad.

    28. Negative0 says:

      I pray to the USA every day to thank it for our sweet freedom. Thank you for saving us all and providing justice and freedom!

      I wish God was more like America.

    29. Gilly says:

      Hitler was democratically elected.
      So America actually interfered with a democratic decision.

    30. TGGeko says:

      THis is actually an Austrailian Political Cartoon.

    31. MonkeyHitman says:

      @Negative0: what freedom? you have barely none

    32. monkeybird02 says:

      @Gilly: Seriously???
      You think America’s involvement in the European theater during WWII constitutes interference in democracy? If he’d been satisfied to stay within the established borders of Germany we probably would have never “interfered”. But you’re right, asshole, the US does nothing but stick its nose in other peoples business, resulting in complete cluster-fucks when we leave. America sucks! Fuck the USA! We don’t ever help anybody! We don’t ever cause good things to happen! Hate America! Love oppression! Long live dictators! Down with defending those who can’t defend themselves! The world would be a better place, for sure, if the US had just never existed in the first place.

    33. Elepski says:

      What definition of “Free” are they using here anyways…

    34. Goldfinger says:

      As a German, I’m glad we got rid of Hitler with the help of the Allies, including the U.S. of A.
      But I am not walking around, thanking them every given day of my life. The USA did not bring us democracy. We already knew how that worked. All they did is to keep the Russians off our backs until we were back on our feet. But then again, if a war with the USSR would have started, they would have blown the whole of Western Germany to Kingdom Come just to slow the Russians down for three days. Thank you for making us your speed bumps.
      Oh, and about having the choice of lifestyle and self-government: What choice did we have other than the one option you gave us? I mean, it was the best possible option, but still the only option.

    35. Goldfinger says:

      To put it like this: Yes, your involvement in WWII helped the world a lot by getting rid of the Nazis and your insanely large amount of weapons kept the Soviets from invading us. Thank you!
      But that was a lot of years ago and does not give you the right to behave like complete dicks today. Because if there’s one thing that deserves the stamp ‘EPIC FAIL!’ it’s the outcome of the third Gulf War.

    36. Puulaahi says:

      @Elepski: McDonald’s restaurant locations. 🙂

      @Goldfinger: Hey, we don’t all walk around like “complete dicks.” and at least half of us would agree on that outcome stamp.

    37. GrandAdmiralThrawn says:

      @ Goldfinger: The 3rd? You mean 2nd? anyway, it is going pretty well. The locals brought us and the Iraq Army guys Tea (chi, or however the heck it is spelled) and a light breakfast. We gave them Girl Scout Cookies. Everyone seemed happy.

      Did it take a while. Yeah, but it has been what 60 years since the USA rebuilt Germany? And a good chunk of American’s spoke German, were German and knew the culture. I won’t say we did not forget some of the key things about how to rebuild.

      (Japan is different, the Emperor ordered his people to toe the line, so no really good comparison)

    38. MonkeyHitman says:

      not directed at you goldfinger but if everyone thinks for one minute that all the nazi’s wanted to invade the world? you are wrong. There was a good amount of soldiers, commanders, colonels, majors, generals that were against “hitler’s” visionary destination. If they stood up to him they would have to answer to him, he was one man with one mind and yet people feared him like a god.

    39. Goldfinger says:

      @Puulaahi: Yeah, I know that not all of you do. Didn’t want to generalize it that way but I was in some kind of ranting mood. Sorry 😉

      @Thrawn: No, I mean the Third. 1st: 1980-88, 2nd: 1990-91, 3rd: 2003 and counting.
      You can call the situation in Iraq whatever you want, I call it fucked up. At least I don’t remember any Germans blowing themselves up to get rid of the US Army. Maybe because the most Germans were fed up with war right then.

      @Monkey: They didn’t fear Hitler himself, they feard the giant apparatus of people who were loyal to him.

    40. Alfalfasprouts says:

      a)im from Long Island, NY. B)im atheist.
      And for your info you fucking twat, i ive been in iraq the last 4 years fighting a fight for people like your fat std ridden ass that sits on your fat ass typing dumb shit on the computer all day. its good to see that you are the result of your mother turning the wrong way on some dirty sheet at a La Quinta Inn while 3 guys ride the fuckin train on her… so next time you crack wise, it might bet better to know with what your dealing with jerkoff.

      you know what im probably wrong about the std thing seeing that the only way you get laid is in the world of warcraft!

    41. Puulaahi says:

      @Alfalfasprouts: A)I’m from Cali-for-ni-a B)I’m an atheist/pagan/don’t really give a fuck C)Definitely not fat/Definitely not on the computer all day.

      Thanks for your service sir. Your said, “their.” which could be any country listed on this here map. The person above you was speaking about France, so I thought you ment France. But honestly, any and every form of government is fucked up because humanity is not perfect. So angry from such a minor comment. Apparently I hit button in my response. Since it appears you spent more time thinking of immature insults, instead of rational thought. Anyhow, welcome home, thank you for your service, we don’t have to agree(this is America) and have a wonderful day. I hope you won’t have to go back.


    42. Professor Ratbaggy says:

      BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!  How Seppos see themselves!!!  What an insight.  Tragic beyond belief.  :oD

    43. Ras Fred says:

      Egypt: “…the President who traditionally has been elected in single-candidate elections for more than fifty years. ”


    44. Rineholt says:

      @Anyone who cares..or not..whatever:
      Whoa this is gonna be a long one since I have alot I want to address. If I’m wrong call me on it and I’ll learn from it. But if your going to Bust my nutts you better do it with solid thought and facts not stirred emotion.

      First, lets be real and objective about this. This is a list of those nations who have been aided or been saved from great duress by MAJOR, PAST, U.S. involvement. It’s purpose it to smack in the face those who categorically denounce the USA’s involvement in the world and the positive side of the shit storms we have a hand in. Does our policies shake shit up and have some dirty sides to them. Answer-Very much Yes. So does every political body on the planet regardless of nation or style of leadership and everyone has their own agenda. Before governments it was kings, nobles, and emperors the world over, its HUMAN politics.
      @Dub_1211: What nation on earth doesn’t look out for what it’s controlling members feel is in it’s best interest? If U.S. is so self minded do you think we would have so many fucked and re-cockulas problems to list here, within our own boarders?

    45. Rineholt says:

      Second lets get some history shit outa the way here. I love history and study it with a passion and not being perfect, I know more than enough to stand on well founded knowledge. To be short as I can and be close to point I will generalize to a degree.
      1.)The citizens of the 13 colonies were the first group of people to fully embrace the idea’s of John Locke and Voltaire in the ideology of Nationalism and throw off the reigns of monarchy in independence. Yes French aid was crucial but given if only to see their rival, England, weaker and earn better trade for N.American goods. Also do not forget the brave peasant equivalent militia that made up most of the 13 colonies forces and had to stand against well trained regulars despite the French. Also it was from the inspiration of our defiance to England and hard won freedom that the citizens of France took their cue and socially revolted against the corrupt nobility to win their own free rights of self and government within 6 years. Treaty of Paris ending Revolutionary war 1783 – Fall of the Bastille, July 14th 1789.

    46. Rineholt says:

      Final in my long winded run…
      As to saving Russia at one time yes we most certainly did. Right along side England on D-Day and lets not forget FDR.’s lend/lease act to them. Prior to Pearl Harbor and U.S. major intervention England was target practice for buzz bombs so Germany had no real western front worries and Rommel was stomping around with Africa taken care of so that leaves Russia. Hitler hated Russia and broke treaty with them when he thought it was safe. Operation Barbarossa was the largest military attack of WW2 and saw the Nazi’s steam roll the unprepared Soviets. This was all out attack with all the stops pulled and it stopped for 2 reasons. Russian seasonal change is one, but come late next spring attack would be in full go again so that is not permanent. What is though is the flood of U.S. equipment to aid Soviet’s and the eventual D-Day and Palermo landings which fully split Germany’s efforts into hard fights on 3 fronts breaking their back. Without U.S. intervention Russia falls to an ever technologically advancing German military. In the future during the cold war U.S. moves to block aggressive Soviet control and big brother influence in other nations to stop what was thought to be world domination/control ideas. By pushing them to spend as much as a capitalist economy can spend on arms race they broke their own economy with poor spending and fell. Thus removing most of any overt oppressive control on other nations i.e. the “Iron Curtain” states.

      In the end the U.S. has done alot to help the world despite some failures and bad go’s at it. So has other nations too. Anyone who wants America to fully mind it’s own business and turn blind eye to world issues, and not get involed in other people’s dealings I have this to say. Think hard and realistically what the situations the nations of the world would be like if the U.S. pulled up stakes from bases round the world, went back to pre-WWI isolationism policies, and minded our own boarders with 2 oceans to keep us separate. See then what comes with no serious help abound cause the U.N. sure’s hell isn’t saving anyone with out us.

    47. anto123 says:

      That’s fine with me, as long as you admit that the new democracies (although I would have some troubles calling “democracy” one good third of that list) have been just an accidental byproduct. Like every other country, USA don’t give a flying fuck about the freedom or the wealth of other countries. Take any USA war of the last 60 years and the main ‘casus belli’ will be one of more of the following: (1) Control of natural resources; (2) Control of a strategic location; (3) Disruption/interference of a foreign alliance that damages US interests; (4) Electoral propaganda.

    48. JamesTuskGeorge says:

      This is only funny because of the commenters that believe it’s true 🙂

    49. Rineholt says:

      @Anto123: Meaning no disrespect. Your post is a straw-man statement irrelevant to the topic picture and discussion. My personal admittance to any other opinions or facts outside the topic of debate has no bearing on the truth of fact and information of what was stated.
      Now while on topic, you have stated your self to the support of my evidence in your own words and opinion, that regardless of intent or what have you, self appointed democracy in the above nations “have been just an accidental byproduct.” Which is a positive far cry better then Totalitarianism, Fascism, and Dictatorship.

    50. anto123 says:

      There are three ways to analyze an historical event: (1) the “who cares about intentions, only results count” way; (2) the “which were the real intentions?” way; and (3) the “if results were apparently or temporarily good, then the authors are awesome!! They rule!!!” way. Obviously the poster is a joke, no need to note that, but I bet that a lot of USA citizens genuinely believe that (3) is the right way to judge and justify most of the military actions done by their government. Therefore, I don’t think that it’s so “irrelevant” to remember that if a country doesn’t represent an economic/strategic advantage to USA economy/politics, it won’t never be freed, no matter how bad they are. The humanitarian disasters, massacres and genocides happened in Africa without anyone caring are a good example of it; fifteen years ago in Rwanda one million people were exterminated in three months, not even Hitler did “better”.

    51. Dragunov says:

      I’m glad my country is free on its own!

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