Mosh Pit

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    A happenening that is dying quickly. People just want to watch shows and feel feelings now…


    staged pit in front of a muslin???!!! I think that is the 3rd gayest thing I’ve seen today…

    Luke Magnifico

    The dude at left foreground is wearing glasses, not a good move.


    Believe me, I know. I’ve lost more than one pair because a pit opened up near me at a show. Fucking blows.

    Kind of. Its all about what kind of band you’re seeing and what kind of people go to see the band. Pretty much any sizable metal show still has a pit, but I do think the violence has subsided some.


    a whole bunch of crackers


    Interesting painting. They’re all Caucasian wearing either white or black? Not enough berzerker -esque carnage going on like you would see at a Cannibal Corpse show.

    : Aggressive metal like Lamb of God or Chimaira still have good sized mosh pits.


    I agree, this is not a mosh pit, too many healthy-looking people and not enough mayhem.


    Moshing is stupid. Let’s all crowd each other and slam into and push each other while we listen to music. What a great idea. Now if it was people kicking each other’s asses completely to music, I could get behind that.


    There are mosh pits like this, except they are not hitting each other, they are hitting nothing.


    This is by Dan Witz, a street artist.
    He’s got some pretty cool stuff.


    This is by Dan Witz, a street artist.
    He’s got some pretty cool stuff.
    Check out his night paintings.


    Shall I do it again with another link?

    can’t compute today.


    @sickmindedone: Different music causes different reactions. Listening E-Rotic might give you a boner, listening reggaeton might kill your brain cells and turn your girlfriend into a whore, listening to jazz may magically give you a false sense of self-importance and cause you to buy black glasses. Metal can get you all angry because there’s a long-haired guy screaming his lungs out and getting paid to do it while you do the same at home and the neighbors tell you to shut up. Then you go to another metal show and let out all the anger on unsuspecting totally unrelated people… Read more »


    Google mosh pit and select the second picture and you have a unique MCS post.


    I was just in several of these at the disturbed/killswitch engage/chimaira/lacuna coil concert in State College!!


    @hvymetal86: DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS!

    withered spyryt

    OI! OI! OI!


    Sharks vs. jets?