Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy 08.JPG (18 KB)

It\’s pretty much my favorite beer.

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    Quite a head on that beer. Chances are you aren’t getting head anywhere else though. Might as well have one on your booze.


    numb7rs: 😀


    Pssssst tilt the glass next time.


    Sticky: numb7rs: You really think that’s so witty you’re giving each other high-fives over it? um, yeah.

    Leinenkugel is a nice, cost effective bottle. There are so many local brews that are pretty darn good (Summit, Surly, Schell, hmm, alliteration), that it’s hard to be a die-hard about any of them.


    Widmir Hefeweizen is the best beer. End of story.


    I’ll try it if I ever see it. I love beer whether it’s Lager or Ale. I prefer Brown Ales and Stout.

    Need to try more types of beer.


    Puulaahi: Brown Ale FTFW!!!!!!!


    Tiki’s ass should do favorite beer for the next theme. Or maybe favorite summer beer. Not because this is my favorite; because now I want to post my favorite.


    Hendu: But I like so many types of beer.


    Hendu: Excellent idea. Seconded, because, as we all know, this site is very democratic.

    I’ve had the Leinenkugel Red, but can’t remember if I liked it or not.

    madhouses visites

    Hendu: good idea. That’s why I suggested it back in this post. 😛



    Tiki!? Are you listening out there you drunk f*cker? I want to know what all the other f*cks out there are drinking. And Guiness doesn’t count. That shitty ass PBR one sucked. I hate Pabst Blue Ribbon and thats all I could think of.


    Hendu: I’m going to send an Irish Guinness drinking mob to kick your ass motherfucka!


    Everyone likes Guinness, duh. If the theme was your fav beer, then there would be a thousand post of Guinness. If I wanted to see that, I would open my fridge. But, go ahead send that Irish Mob. My drunk ass is ready.


    Hendu: Everyone likes Guinness? Wrong! I drink it and everyone around me is surprised that I drink it. Guinness is to dark, thick and like a meal for the average beer drinker.


    numb7rs: “The highfive was for the witty comment.”

    That’s my point. The comment was pretty half assed and obvious. Head of beer = getting head. Yeah, we got it. Glad you thought it up before every 17 year old on the planet.


    Record Store Tough Guy: I recently tried the Stout Guinness. I prefer the draught. I suppose for someone starting to get into Guinness, the stout is easier to drink though. I Love Newcastle. Newcastle was my stepping block beer to get used to drinking Guinness. Now I love drinking Guinness and it goes down easy. Light beers are like water too now. lol I love beer.


    Did anybody try the Fireside Nut Brown Ale they had around Christmas? Leinie’s Creamy Dark, Big Butt, 1888 Bock, Red, Original, Porter – some of best beers ever…. but that shit SUCKED. It tasted like peanut butter beer. It took me a week to drink the 6 pack. I almost gave it away. The Summer Shady is ok, but I’m not a big fruity beer fan.

    Guinness is suppose to have a 250 yr. anniversary beer coming out. That should be cool. I’m drinking Guinness & Natty now… yes, together. Don’t care.

    As a side note, I was at Meijer’s today pricing one of those outdoor fireplace things and in the fishing section they had Leinenkugel beer can bobbers on clearance. I don’t know why the fuck I didn’t buy any. I think I’ll go back tomorrow and buy all of them.

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