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Don’t forget: Star Wars, more than any other cultural phenomenon, helped make war ‘cool’ again in the post-Vietnam era.


heh–notice how it started out producing great ideas (Close Encounters, Kahn), great actors/directors (Ford, Tartakovsky, Kaufman), and then has bottomed out with a better camera and…. Episode III.

Maybe like 70s produced bell bottoms right near the end, some things should wrap up sooner than they actually do….


Pfft Dexter’s Laboratory.

Fuck that. I fucking hate DeeDee!


@Dreth: But you love Dexter.


Misses a lot. Mentions things that are not important without perspective. Kights of the old Republic? What about Star Wars: Dark Force Troopers…the first First person shooter to allow you to jump. Without kyle katarn. There would not be any first or third person bases Star Wars Games. Forget light side/ dark side progression or X-Wing (and Tie fighter) the ONLY flight sims to: 1 be good. 2. Be consistently rated as one of the best computer games of all time 3. Star Me.’ And it mentions that who’s name shale not be spoken at all. and tries to defend… Read more »


He has a big dead. What’s not love?

And this is meant to look like George Lucas was the man who started it all, but it was mostly the people in the video/audio departments that made the magic come true and evolve into what we know today.


I did not realize this in my memory, but damnit I do believe you’re right. I have since then been constantly irritated at games that don’t let me jump or at least have some other action that allows for easier dodging of incoming fire (such as tumbling in GOW)


So what this is saying is that I can blame George Lucas for the Polar Express movie?

Sounds good to me.


One name that should have been on here that actually connected many of these titles even more was the composer, John Williams. He created some awesome music not only for Star Wars, but for several of the other films listed, and I think that should have been recognized as well.