So Dawg i heard you like….

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pure win!

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    Tommy Lee doesn’t take shit from minorities, his men in black days are OVER!


    I lol’d


    Man, I remember the backdrop to the Xzibit pictures from gradeschool picture day.


    could be fun middle-pic also:


    Actually I think this could be a great second picture:


    Amusing. 😀


    How the fuck is this amusing?? I hate people who pretend this crap is funny and hate people that actually think it’s funny even more. Fuck you.

    On a lighter note I saw Xzibit one time at Roscos Chicken and Waffles, he looked like a bag of shit that hasn’t slept in days.


    : calm down, you’ll get your tier 7 chest piece tonight.


    you can’t say your own post is “pure win”, you ass


    ColombianMonkey: You make a good point. Also I just like to bitch about stupid shit that actually doesn’t bother me. And he really did look like shit, I wasn’t ragging on him.

    sutenvulf: Thats pretty funny that you know what that means cause I don’t…thats why you like this shit ’cause you’re a D&D turd. Nice try though.



    “I just like to bitch about stupid shit that actually doesn’t bother me”

    You’re on the correct site, in that case.


    Don’t bother. And if I were you, I’d be careful. He’s probably making plans to bomb your home country, right now.

    Isn’t that right Dyna.


    ColombianMonkey: Shame on you for even thinking such a thing. What would your parents say. What was that about One Love again?


    ColombianMonkey: Does one have to be born in a country to belong there? No. Or you wouldn’t call it home country. And you don’t have to be Jesus to not want to bomb countries.


    I don’t get it.

    Snarky Parker


    The reason why X to the Z is looking a hot mess is cause the nigga is BROKE. owes $501,840 in federal taxes.


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