Johnny Test

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The best cartoon on Cartoon Network?

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    i think 6 teen is better

    how about space ghost or the clone wars?

    shit, i’d even rather watch the tom & jerry or original scooby doo reruns


    Samurai Jack.


    Look how rad he is! Kids can totally relate to his baggy pants and spiky hair that slightly resembles fire!


    Samurai Jack was the best. I’m still a sucker for the PowerPuff Girls as well. This is, of course, excluding all AdultSwim shows.

    tiki god

    dammit, I love the powerfull girls

    Luke Magnifico

    Is he a secret agent?

    Or the presidents son?


    Is he the presidents son, who is a secret agent?


    And like

    Is the twin on the left all nerdy and bookish, but the one on the right is all cool and “street”?


    Luke Magnifico

    I hate Cartoon Network.


    Cartoon network was awesome with Tartokovsky. Now it’s so depressing.


    Looks stupid, and high.


    Always liked most of of the shows on the “ADULT SWIM” lineup. SGC2C was awesome, with or without all natural herbal comedy enhancers.


    Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

    All I’m saying.


    wait, are we talking about the awesome clone wars, the cartoon one where you could see a single clone unload massive carnage to soulless machines, or the new crappy cg clone wars where everyone looks like a barbie doll?


    I agree with TGGeko
    I also like samurai jack, adult swim, and the older cartoon cartoon shows


    I agree with everyone who brought up Space Ghost Coast to Coast, but it is starting to feel a little dated. I love The Venture Bros, and Frisky Dingo never ceases to amuse me, I mean come on the X-tickles are comedy gold.


    @BourbonDingo: YES. YES YES YES. Awesome show. Not like Johnny Test though. Johnny Test sucks. A lot. And I have watched more than one episode to give it a chance. Not worth it at all.


    Johnny Test isn’t even a Cartoon Network original.

    It’s syndicated from what was once Kids’ WB on Saturday mornings.

    Foster’s Home is the last good CN original. I’ll have none of this “Flapjack” bullsh*t.


    Hey, chowder is hilarious. Give it a shot. Flapjack has a disturbing quality about it, that is subtly off-putting.


    @TGGeko: When Episode II came out, I gave my friends the Clone Wars cartoon DVDs and they were shocked how much better they were. The short with Windu on Tatooine is so full of win you almost need to construct a special viewing device out of a shoebox to watch it.