Alotta Bucks Coffee

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Don\’t You Agree?


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    Starbucks Coffee tastes horrible and there are too many of them. Heck their are three of them on one street here. Support your local coffee joints!


    I saw a tiny Starbucks once. It was filled with all the kool kids. They had all the same haircut, same jeans, same shirts, big sunglasses and were all hanging around like they had no spine.

    I never felt so superior for such a pathetic reason. It felt good.


    Last time I was on Yongue St. in Toronto, I saw two Starbucks kitty-corner from each other. How fucking full of yourself do you have to be to build two of the same store at one intersection?


    To be honest, Starbucks is the only place that caters to individuals, like me, that can’t have milk. They provide a wonderful selection of beverages that can be made using soy milk, so while they may be considered expensive to some people, the invaluable service that they offer is priceless.


    mightyattom: I’ve been in plenty of coffee shops that offer soy milk. You just have to look at the smaller ones rather than the big chains.
    suicydking: I’ve seen worse, but a different business. In Honolulu, there are convenience/souvenir shops called “ABC” ( Aloha Beverage Company ). By the beach in Waikiki, there’s one spot where there’s an ABC store, some other random shop, then another ABC store all in one building…


    Tyger42: Lol I’ve actually walked down that block myself.


    There are a lot better places in Portland (& the northwest) for coffee, but Starbucks is only expensive OUTSIDE the United States. Anyone complaining about $1.90 for a venti/large here needs to stop getting the $20 frou frou drinks.


    mightyattom: Paul_Is_Drunk:
    Thank you.

    If you are just getting a regular coffee it’s really not that much at all. It gets expensive when you decide that you are at starbucks so you are going to make up something retarded.
    I know, because i work there. And my drink actually costs $8.50, but ofcourse i only get it when i am working so i can just make it myself for free.


    lol.. people who hate Starbucks have either 1: never been there or 2: like jumping on the bandwagon of hating what’s popular.

    In NYC, Dunkin Donuts is more expensive than Starbucks. No where in Manhattan can you get a bagel for 75 cents besides Starbucks. And they are damn good bagels.

    Their regular coffee varies because it’s a different blend almost every day so if you don’t like the taste of teh house blend, get something else or come another day. However, it is still cheaper than most coffee shops. A Regular cup of Coffee is on par or cheaper than Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds and most corner delis.

    Lastly, their Ice Tea is fucking awesome and only costs $1.25. Aside from McD’s SweetTea, that’s damn cheap.

    If you hate it, don’t go there. That’s how this whole consumer market thing works. No one’s forcing you to go there so get over it and go somewhere you do like. Better yet, make your own coffee.


    suicydking: It’s “caddy corner” and it has nothing to do with ego and everything to do with demand. If the lines are too long and you cannot expand the store due to property laws or space available then it makes perfect sense to just open another one near by. They are every few blocks in Manhattan. same as McD’s, Sbarros, etc etc etc… Any place that’s popular needs to expand to meet lunch and morning rush demands. It’s normal. I swear they need to teach more about marketing or business in schools.


    : but America runs on Dunkin!

    No, but seriously, I noticed that a ginger-bread latte is more expensive at Dunkin than at STBX the last time I was up there (sorry, I only go there during the winter, that is why i choose such a gay drink, b/c its in season!)


    CathyLong: First, no mention of caddy-corner. I think you meant catty or cater.

    Second, it’s not always about demand. Sometimes it’s about saturating the market until you have no competition left, and then shutting down half your stores.

    The only place that Starbucks puts up a shop in my town is across the street from a local coffee house. When they can afford to drown you out, it’s impossible to compete.

    That’s capitalism, I know. It just sucks for the guy trying to run a small business. I dislike the cult of commercialism that’s developed in this country.



    Yeah ’cause you have been to all Starbucks in all countries. I’m not jumping on any bandwagon, but caffeine in paper cups was never this pathetic.

    And I went to a business academy. Starbucks is a disgrace. Not the only one, but it’s bad enough. Also, I heard they have products that contain almost 2000 calories. “All your meals for the day, in only one cup! With enough sugar to kill small animals!”

    Although yeah, for areas where people reproduce like rabbits, sure, it’s a good idea.


    I just think they tend to over-roast their beans. It ain’t called “Charbucks” for no reason.

    I’ll still spring for the occasional mocha latte grande here in Midtown.


    well fuck me then. I’ve always seen it written as “caddy corner” damn urbanization of the tongue. 😛

    and? Lots of “local” shops have 3000+ calorie crap too (much of it unmarked because only chains are forced to mark their calories). It doesn’t matter if the place is a chain or a diner. You still have the CHOICE to eat and drink where you want. So I don’t really care what people’s preferences are. I’m not about to go protest some joint just because I don’t like the coffee there. I hate McDs food, but I still go for the Sweet Tea every now and then because I have self-control and self-respect for my body.

    It’s all about learning to be responsible for your own choices in life and not blaming “big corporations” for every woe in the world. Even Starbucks was just one store originally that sold beans and coffee makers. And if you knew anything about their past you’d know that they were actually bought out by THEIR competition but he kept the name.

    Capitalism = Competition. Deal with it or move to China.



    Are you teaching me how to live my life? That’s cute, but I didn’t ask for it. Where did I blame anyone for anything. Did I say Starbucks is the reason for fat people? No. And Sweet Tea is fucking nasty.
    You don’t have to move anywhere if you don’t agree with something. People and places can change. They always do and always will.


    I like my $1.25 20oz macchiato from QuikTrip. Damn good coffee, and it’s cheap, too! 😀


    dieAntagonista: The part of my comment that said “deal with it” implies that you either learn to live with capitalism, learn to live with being miserable or just move somewhere you can be happier. People change, sure, but some of them find migration helps the process.

    I like coffee. Plain and simple. I’ll just never understand why people have to get so uppity and make themselves miserable about the fact that I like coffee.

    Example, opposite side, I think it’s dumb that people pay $100 for pre-damaged clothes. But I’m not about to go protest Abercrombie and dig up dirt on them. I just don’t care enough to ruin other people’s happiness for the reward of… nothing?


    Given that die wants to move to America… :\


    dieAntagonista: I’m not agreeing with Die Antagonista’s outburst, but Starbucks is FUCKING EXPENSIVE in Europe. I think it’s like €3.90 for a venti/large coffee there, which would be about $6 American. They’re literally paying 3x what we are for something that’s not as good (beans are from Africa).

    The thing is, though, and as CathyLong points out, is that it’s really Europe’s fault for going there. No one is forcing them to do so, and yet every time I see one it’s full of customers paying 3x what we pay for coffee from African beans.

    There are so many better places serving great Italian coffee EVERYWHERE in Europe, and yet customers still flock to Starbucks. Blame the people. There was a market for it, and the owners wanted to make money.

    Vote with your dollar.


    Don’t mind CathyLong, she has the typical stuffy New Yorker attitude when it comes to her love of coffee. she can have her generic burnt tasting coffee while I enjoy my new local independent place that moved in that roasts there own coffee and has the best hot chocolate I have ever had. Since I can’t handle crazy caffeine all the time. Plus theirs a hot redhead that works there.

    Dieing to go to Europe and try their style of coffee & hot chocolate.


    ColombianMonkey: Are you actually complaining about what I said? You are moronic. Always on the attack too. Oh right you have two personalities.


    ColombianMonkey: Go smoke some more.


    I think the majority of coffee places are over priced. Starbucks doesn’t seem all that expensive in comparison to anywhere else. I tried the McDonalds flavored iced latte, after hearing about their “four bucks is dumb” ad, and it tasted horrible. I believe it ended up costing more per ounce than Starbucks. I was very disappointed. I am always willing to try local coffee places. But I usually return to Starbucks. I buy the Costco (5) $20 gift cards for $80.00. I drink the Frappachino with an add shot. Its something I treat myself to. I make my regular coffee at home… I have to admit I do not care for Starbucks coffee blends… 🙂 I am still looking for a decent coffee to make at home.


    ColombianMonkey: LOL couple of months


    I never pay for Starbucks. I keep my last cup and go to one and say, “Hey, I’m really sorry to be like a bitch about this, I know how annoying it is, but I got this at the Starbucks (name another location nearby) and it was, well, it was weird tasting, I think the milk got scorched or reheated or something…” Every single time, because it is their company policy, they will *enthusiastically* offer to remake the drink for me, at no charge. They take the old cup and toss it, and I save the new one after I am done, to repeat the process at a different Starbucks. Only chumps pay chump prices for chump coffee.

    This wouldn’t work if you are the sort of douchebot that is a recognizably regular customer.



    …typical stuffy New Yorker attitude when it comes to her love of coffee. she can have her generic burnt tasting coffee while I enjoy my new local independent place that moved in that roasts there own coffee and has the best hot chocolate I have ever had…

    You might want to rephrase that. I’m trying to find a way to read that passage and not be a tad miffed. New Yorkers definitely have an attitude that we are proud to tell everyone about; we’re pretty sure it’s the best city in the world and we do love our magazine, BUT apparently we’re not the only w/ that attitude…hmmmm?


    $2 at 7-11 will get you a 20oz coffee and two breakfast taquitos. $2 at Starbucks will get you a rice crispy and a half.


    nyokki: Hypocrisy is everywhere. Better not to fight it.


    CathyLong: I’ve been there. I’m not bandwagon jumping. Funny thing about opinions, not everyone’s is the same. Just because you like it doesn’t mean those who don’t are “bandwagon jumping”.
    And, really, it’s not that I think their coffee is bad. It’s just ludicrously overpriced.


    It’s still one of the best managed and successful companies in America…excuse me, now the world. While I don’t drink their coffee (way too many calories), you have to admit, they’re doing everything right as a business.



    miimp: That costco idea is pretty genius.

    CathyLong: Reward of nothing? wtf? You don’t get any pleasure of crushing and annoying those who are clearly inferior to you intellectually/philosphically/scientifically and anyother thing you can add the suffix “ally” to ? And wtf?! since when was Dunkin more than starbucks in the city? Also where in NYC do you live? One of my friends was a dominatrix at some dungeon in brooklyn. She was dating a good friend of mine from high school. Also i used to hang out on Bleecker and st marks all the time. Considering how often i was in NYC i never fucking memorized the layout. Also you are batshit insane.
    Paul_Is_Drunk: I got to say the coffee i had in Italy was fucking amazing. Powerful and bursting with flavor. I was even more please when i learned that the coffee my family’s restaurant “italian” cofee tasted exactly like the coffee i had in amalfi.

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