Turn? Where?

oopsies.jpg (760 KB)

Heard one hell of a noise outside my apt last night, took this off the balcony. Sorry for the noisy photo but the officer didn\’t appreciate the first one took with a flash.

A couple higher res images here www.doomedone.com/doomed-ones-photos/oopsies/

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    Nice shot.


    “And so then I said to Tony he better back the–OH FUCK!!” *crash*


    Hey Man, Nice Shot


    I crashed a van once, and my buddy Memo was with me. As we crashed into the truck (that fled afterward, thank some sort of god for that), Memo was on the phone with a girlfriend, and said, “Let me call you back we’re about to crash.”

    I will always remember that he bothered to get off the phone.


    RSIxidor: that must be the most awesome quote known. wow


    RSIxidor: Your friend is hardcore.

    Also fuck tha police. There’s no law against taking pictures of crashes.


    I get three or four cars, upside down, in my front yard per year.


    Who cares what the officer says. Do you see them telling the paparazzi to leave? Know your rights.


    Some people just do not belong on the road.

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