Easter Cake, Rubik’s Cube

cake.JPG (889 KB)

cube.JPG (916 KB)

A cake I baked, plus a Rubik\’s cube costume I\’m working on.

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    Luke Magnifico

    I made a white chocolate and caramel marbled cheesecake for Easter.

    I bet it was more delicious than your cake.


    THE COSTUME! I only gave it a 4 because clearly the blocks can’t slide.


    I sense this picture is old, considering you already made the Cube costume, unless this is a new one.


    Sticky: same old one.

    gimmie sum of dat cake! nao!


    Dopest costume for sure. At least when it comes to self made ones.


    What! You mean, you can actually cook? Or rather, bake. What the hell. That wasn’t part of the plan. What do you need me for then. Was it all just a lie. All just a fraud.
    Maybe I’m just naive, but my dreams have been crushed like Jessica Simpson’s ego.


    As well as her chair.

    Luke Magnifico

    dieAntagonista: Hell yeah I can cook!

    My grandparents were in catering, and had a few pubs/restaurants.

    And MORE IMPORTANTLY, I got an A in Junior Cert Home Ec.

    Joodles might be able to tell you how IMPORTANT that is.


    ah, i see you left a hole in the front for your junk..nice call.



    Who would have thought. I’m impressed.

    My father used to own a cafe as well. But I got it all from my old private school. Like I said, dirty socialist cooking. Or fascist even? I don’t know, I just know it’s bad. Not the cooking, but where I got it from.

    I feel inferior. I’m going to leave.

    Luke Magnifico

    dieAntagonista: If it makes you feel better, I can’t cook eggs. Or egg things, like omlette.

    Every time I try, I fail horribly.


    Yeah, that’s laughable. I don’t eat eggs, but my omelettes are flawless.

    I do feel better.

    And I bet you can’t make world altering lentil soup. I shouldn’t doubt my powers. A humble mastermind like me, pah!

    Luke Magnifico

    dieAntagonista: I wouldn’t even recognise a lentil if you showed me one.


    Oh yeah? Well guess what, I bet the lentil wouldn’t recognise you either.



    dieAntagonista: Hey, did you ever try that cookie recipe I sent you?

    I made a poppy seed loaf this weekend. It’s like the bread for cinnamon buns, but in loaf form, marbled with rich veins of delicious poppy seeds and then bukkake’d with icing.

    But now I want cake. Maybe a carrot cake?
    *wanders away to summon kitchen imps*


    Cubes fake! There’s no way a green square can have a green side!

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