Rorschach vs Batman

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    Spidy wins!!!


    What did the 5 bat fingers say to the face?





    I’m a huge Batman fan but I don’t approve of this.


    I have no idea what’s going on in this picture, but I can sense…nay, feel it’s sheer awesomeness.




    @bstaples: Maybe you just have indigestion. Despite what the internet meme crowd says, adding Rorschach to something does not make it instantly awesome.

    Though yes, there are random things that would be made awesome by his inclusion. The View, for example. Or a poetry reading.

    Not awesome places to have Rorschach… stores, political rallies, bake sales. And this picture.

    Same with Commie Superman. This picture is full of Fail


    @Pip: This isnt some kind of super-meme failure, this is a pic from a big Elseworlds brawl. Elseworlds (for those that dont know) is the DC version of Marvel’s “What If”, a Twilight Zone style collection of stories not in continuity where Batman fights Dracula, Superman lands in Russia and not in Kansas, etc etc. Batman and Rorsach are both very similar characters with Rorsach being based off the Question who is based of Batman (originally in Charlton Comics) as a kind of spin-off. The Batman slapping the taste out of Rorsach isnt even the standard Batman, its the Frank… Read more »


    I know what Elseworlds are, and they are, for the most part, retarded.

    Nobody can just appreciate the classics for what they are, they just have to go around fucking with it, making everyone gay, lesbian or communist.

    Elseworlds is fan fiction :p


    There have been many very good Elseworlds stories. Red Son was God Tier. Why do haters even bother to post?


    Rorshach? RORSHACH?!
    Rorshach can eat me. I’m talking about the awesomeness of 4 Batmans occupying the same area at the same time.
    Combined with that dude in the corner who looks like Batman and Green Lantern made a love child, and I would say this feeling is closer to “orgasm” than “indigestion”.


    Good lord, because I have an opinion that is not the same as yours, I’m not allowed to post about this picture? Even though I have to read through all the BS posted about every picture of a hot girl on here about how she’s too skinny, too fat, etc.

    I’m just not a fan of Elseworlds. Jesus, get your Batman undies out of a bunch…..


    I just want to say that other than alan moore’s work DC comics and characters are lame…I don’t care about the intricate workings and stories of batman cause he is a lame ass douche…at least in marvel comics the protagonists actually off motherfuckers and don’t just tie em up S&M style. Oh yeah the joker is tits for sure.


    No one can defend wonder womans lame ass.


    So where’s Goku at?


    @Kurtt: He’s not in this pic because its only DC Elseworlds characters…

    …and he’s shit


    The armored guy is Superman from Superman: The Dark Side. An elseworlds story where superman was raised by Darkseid.

    The green lantern you’re talking about is from Batman: In Darkest Knight where Bruce Wayne is made the green lantern instead of Hal Jordan.


    Is it bad that I want to post a reply here and 5 posts up as well?