Abandoned mental institution

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Me, a friend and my girlfriend, exploring the Normansfield home for the “mentally subnormal” originally built by John Langdon Down in 1868 (the guy who identified Down\’s syndrome) in London, England. We spent about an hour there, but the noises from upstairs (creeks and murmurings – we assumed crack addicts) eventually persuaded us to leave.

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    i dont understand why they have prices for the food?

    do they make the downies work to survive? cause thats just not right man.


    4.50 pounds for lunch? Do you get a handjob too?


    Cod & Chips please. 1868. Damn that place is old. Still want to go to England.

    At least you *hope* the creakings and murmurings were crack addicts.


    It’s even older then Jack The Ripper!


    Also known as the Boston Strangler.

    Doomed One

    reminds me a lot of of our local defunct medical institution Waverly Hills Sanitarium, an old T.B. hospital. Ghost hunters did an episode here a year or two ago. [url]http://whsmemorial.tripod.com/[/url]


    3rd Picture Down in the window:
    What’s more messed up? The fact that it’s there or the fact that it’s the first thing I saw?


    bstaples: LOL
    When you see it…?


    “Mega Breakfast” in 1868? Maybe i am just silly but i thought they’d use something like ye ol’ grande break fast in 1868.


    This is so dope. I wish I knew places like this. It reminds me of FreakAngels.


    Since when do mental homes charge for food? This is a hotel or something.


    dieAntagonista: Needs more water.


    bstaples: the fact that the dude is holding a mini light saber, and all the white stains on the floor and window could be a result to a massive orgy.


    vincent.ex2: True. And pale babes with hardly any clothes on.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Beware of weeping angel statues. Don’t blink.


    Don’t forget the glowing red sky with ash clouds billowing above.


    Sticky: You know FreakAngels! You just got, at least 42 times cooler. I’m kinda hesitating to give you this many points, you’re all the way up already.


    Since lying on the internet is futile, I’m not going to act like I do. The glowing red sky and ash clouds billowing above came straight from my own imagination, so my current score should be divided by the meaning of life. Which is to say, of course, 42.


    Howie Feltersnatch: That episode freaked me out, I had trouble watching it.


    nyokki: sauce?
    dieAntagonista: i don’t see the connection with FA …


    ColombianMonkey: Do you even know FreakAngels? Because everyone else on here can see it, except you.


    dieAntagonista: yes i know freakangels i read every episode from since the beginning where kk woke up sleeping with the boy all the way up to when they found over 100 refugees and decided to take them in to help them. I’m just patiently waiting for the next issue about the murder of one of the refugees. and how medical supplies are diminishing.

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