Well protected.

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Would YOU fuck with these people?

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    What kind of dog is that? Is that a dog?
    Pink Gun +Pink Gun: How ironic.


    I think it’s a furry bean bag with a head and paws.


    @Puulaahi:Pink Gun +Pink Peace Sign: How ironic.

    Wow I am tired.


    it looks like an irish wolfhound…en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_Wolfhound


    That looks like a .22 Marlin. Not exactly the most effective gun for defense, to be honest. The dog however. . .

    That thing looks like it could stare into my very soul. . .




    this actually may be more accurate



    chick & baby joined the nazi cult…
    the dog is a demon creature spawned by satin for the end of the worlds!!!


    @turkey2u: satin/hitler


    That dog scares the shit out of me.


    @turkey2u: Well damn. I never knew a piece of cloth had such power. Now I understand why only rich people wear it.


    Would YOU fuck with these people?

    Every chance I get.


    Also, why so many mirrors?


    lol, kid has her thumb on the trigger. First lesson in weapon safety in 3…2…1…


    @turkey2u: Dammit, i thought pleather was the demon fabric. or have i been fooled? or have you? Whats that? burn them all?

    why the tub? fat dog looks ready to snap

    purple banana

    @Drewlicious: It looks just like an Irish Wolfie 🙂 Either that or some mix of Borzoi…

    @iamevilhomer: If it IS an Irish Wolfhoud, it’s not fat. Just motherfucking TALL and cramped 🙁


    I think they’ve been fucked with enough, from the looks of things.


    i may its only a 10-22 for christ sakes


    The little girl has her finger on the trigger…. ================================================== Self-Defense: The Great Myth of America’s Gun Industry www.consumerfed.org/pdfs/self_defense.pdf. Guns have long been seen as tools of self-defense in the United States. But, contrary to gun industry hype, unintended consequences often happen when people buy guns for self-defense. Studies by public health professionals have repeatedly found that having a gun around for any reason increases the likelihood that a family member—as opposed to a criminal—will be injured or killed with a gun. A 1997 American Journal of Public Health study showed that family members that had a history of buying… Read more »


    @dusktime: Maybe your father shouldn’t have had his thumb on the trigger?


    @dusktime: hoping it’s not another retarded meme. sorry for your dad. but taking away guns is not fixing the problem. guns are not the problem and never will be. It’s always the person behind the gun, the problem is that people (large amount) are not mentally stable to handle a gun. ofcourse suicides are higher with a gun to the head you don’t feel nothing when you kill yourself. while other ways of killing yourself are more painfull that’s why they’re scared to say it.


    scared to do it*


    @Malcrasternus: Risking the wrath of dusktime, I believe that is a Ruger 10/22 with an extended magazine. My marlin .22 have a feed tube under the barrel.
    @ColombianMonkey: fuck it. bring on the wrath of dusktime. Yes it is. Same rant posted every time a pic with firearms is posted.

    fracked again

    I didn’t know that possums could get that big.


    @SumoSnipe: Yes, Ruger 10/22 (Model 10/22/RB-PH to be exact)



    @Puulaahi: I think I was trying to say something about the duality of man…


    @SumoSnipe: Yeah, now I see it. I only thought Marlin since I have an extended mag similar to that one.

    Still though, that dog.

    Those eyes. . . >_<


    @ColombianMonkey: I’d argue that if PEOPLE are the problem, then we shouldn’t be giving people guns. You don’t give a child a knife and say, “Well, the knife is perfectly safe, it’s just the kid that is stupid.” Don’t give that kid a knife in the first place. I come from a long line of hunters, and although I find the sport more boring than golf, I bet I’m a better shot than anyone here who wasn’t in the military. There is seriously no need for people to have 9mms lying around the house. A rifle locked in a safe?… Read more »


    Life was so much better before guns. The men were big and strong and did whatever they wanted while the women and elderly knew their proper place below them. Now women have the ability to defend themselves from thugs 2-3x their size and it just upsets the natural order of things.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: everyone is different, some are capable to handle guns, some aren’t gun’s aren’t perfectly safe because it was produced by men. with your quote I can also say that guns don’t shoot on there own. these words are ridiculous to say like that. My mistake is I forgot to mention one word: “uneducated” ofcourse people should never leave guns lying around especially if they have kids, but even if someone places in a safe, and he cannot mentally cope with himself and proceeds to kill himself don’t think a safe will stop him unless he forgets the code. This… Read more »


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: No, you hand a kid a knife, and as my father said to me “This is how you hold it. This is how you use it. Do not touch it here or here, because that is sharp and you will hurt yourself.” and when idiot boy here did exactly what he just told me not do: “See? Told you. It hurts? Are you going to do that again?” Never got cut sticking my fingers where they shouldn’t be. Device whose only purpose is to mortally wound people? You sir may only have my swords when you pry them from… Read more »


    sorry: Never *again* got cut *by* sticking…..


    That’s not a dog, it’s a R.O.U.S. — Rodent of Unusual Size. Not that I believe they exist….


    @bawb: @bawb:
    We’ll never survive.
    You’re only saying that because no one ever has