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The better and if you do all the math the cheaper system.


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    inb4 fanboys


    “The better and if you do all the math the cheaper system.”

    Did you do the math? Show your work, mister!


    LOLWUT? I demand to see proof of this “cheaper” bullshit you’re spouting.


    we really like ours 🙂 have tons of fun with ‘little big planet’ and the hubby likes armored core 4 answer


    Sticky: It is cheaper as an entertainment system, the built in Bluray player and its ability to surf the real internet make it worth the $400 you could drop on it. I sure don’t regret buying mine!


    Tag spelling fail.
    kezia347: Little Big Planet is great, I’m glad they’re making proper games for girls/kids/big kids. I love the song Get It Together with the recorders, it’s featured in the game.


    lol cool yea my 2 year old like to watch us play.. and my husband already made his own level so if you want to play it lemme know 🙂 we have way fun


    PS3 Has no games.


    The PS3 is a must have…built in blu-ray; an online movie store that rivals even xbox’s; frequent and very much appreciated firmware updates almost monthly; not too mention some of the best 1st party games out there…Since Resistance 2 and Killzone 2, I’ve spent more time with my PS3 than anything else…


    “The better and if you do all the math the cheaper system.”
    Right. Look, I’m a PC gamer, so I have by far the most expensive systems, but the level of denial of PS3 owners is astounding.
    Xbox 360 is okay, if full of 12 year olds talking shit, and the only people I know that own a Wii are my parents & grandparents. No, seriously. Okay, and a friend teaching English in China.
    I’m not even going to start in on the fail that is BluRay.
    orchunter: What if… and I know this is weird for people buying the cheaper base system… people don’t want to buy the gold plated chalice with built in back massager for the 360?


    the only way the PS3 is better: 40 year old virgin


    Paul_Is_Drunk: speak your soul. which titles you run on


    Blu-Ray has killed my interest in movies. On a 52″ screen 1080p the resolution is so good every movie looks horrible. You can see the actor’s pock marks, veins, wrinkles, ugh.

    Joeseph Goebbels

    This made me angry.


    Joeseph Goebbels:
    It’s okay to exercise your aggressions. Just don’t genocide anything this time around.


    Fukken sav’d


    Sticky: I know right? lol


    Your words are obtuse
    Speaking in haiku are we?
    God damn Testse flies.


    What’s even better than having a PS3 is having a PS3, a 360, a Wii, a DS, a PSP and a kickass gaming PC. And a Mac, of course.

    Doesn’t everyone?


    flintlocke: if you add a chick we have a deal sir!


    Paul_Is_Drunk: wtf? i don’t understand.


    Personally I love my PS3. I am running “play on” “” on my PC so I can Stream Netflix(instant watch), Hulu, Amazon unboxed , and you tube through my PS3. It is an endless supply of content to watch. play on is a one time fee of $39.99. A bargin!
    I am by no means a hard core gamer but Little big Planet is a fantastic game. If ya haven’t played it ,.. give it a try.
    The PS3 Is by no means cheap but when I purchased mine It was the much cheaper alternative to buying a stand alone Blu-ray. player at the time . Since I was going down the path of the hi def it made complete sence.

    I think the only way the PS3 is cheaper is if you Break it down really far.
    PS3 comes straight out of the cox with :
    wireless connectivity
    internal harddrive
    Blu-ray player
    there is no yearly subscription to play online with your friends and others. online play is free.
    Not to mention that you can browse the internet straight out of the box.

    Xbox360 to equal the spec of the PS3 you need to ( at least at one point in time):
    needed to buy the hard drive seperately.
    had to purchase the wireless attachment
    Had to buy the HD-DVD player seperately(blu ray not an option)
    Pay and annual subscription fee to play online
    Honestly i do not own a xbox so i dont know if you can browse the internet on the xbox

    Basically it boils down to what you expect from your gaming system.


    hahaha I said Cox instead of box! Funny ? I think so !


    Paul_Is_Drunk: I love that haiku! hahaha !


    flood123: means your were thinking about Cox lol



    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

    /compliments of MCS


    @flood124: Holy PS3 power user…i’ve never heard of that…


    I love my PS3. Best damn BD player out there. I justified buying a $2500 tv just so I could enjoy full 1080p all by myself! It folds for folding@home, it can make even the shittiest dvd pr0n flicks look great, and it even allows me to kill aliens when I’m not glued to my pc.

    But then I discovered the fatal flaw of the PS3.
    and $150 later I had a new BD player and now I keep it off with no disc in the system…because I am scurred of what might happen next.


    if you are going to use play on software oviously it works best when hardwired because you have to do very little tweeking if any to the buffer settings but if you decide to do it wireless you just have to mess with it a bit.


    I enjoy my PS3, because it’s fun. That’s really as far as I thought it through.


    BowToMe: Hm. I’ve got a computer for surfing the internet. I can buy a Blue Ray player for under $100. And the PS3 hardly has any decent games for it. It doesn’t matter how powerful the system is, if there are no games for it, it’s crap.


    I have a PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, GC, SNES, NES, GBA and will be getting an Xbox360 sometime soon.
    I’m a gamer. I play games, not systems.


    I have a Laptop and a half broken psp i use for music


    You know what I love about the PS3? No DLC support for hit cross platform games. Lost and the Damned PS3? nope. The Pitt PS3, Not on your life.

    And from a development standpoint something coded in XNA for the 360 is easily transferable to the PC. Whereas if it’s coded for the PS3, you could transfer it to… to um…. well shit…


    You know what I love about my PS3? The fact that you can replace the hard drive with just about any notebook 2.5mm SATA drive. So I upgraded my PS3 to 500 GB for about $100. 360 users? You’re looking at about $150 for a 120 GB. Have fun with that though.


    orchunter: Sir you are an IDIOT. how can you add the price of another controller to the 360 prce when it alreADY COMES WITH ONE AHHHHH!!!! U MAKE MY BRAIN GO BOOM

    PS3 online is horrible and slow no one plays it. PS3 exclusives are like childish games, And they are now trying to turn it into a giant WII, form what i’ve seen.

    It goes like this, if you want to play little big planet or do exercise training videos or single player games get a ps3 its a great machine. But If you want to play competitive games online get a 360.


    vandal: competitive gaming with 14 year olds who kill themself if there xbox360 gets taken away. oh and behind monitor syndrome. must never forgot those bold little kids.


    token2k6: A HAHAHAHAHAHAHA A HAHA HA HA HAHAHA oh man that was good.except you pay 3-7$ per movie and exbox users pay 9$ per month for unlimited movies a hahahaha u r a fuckin idiot.


    ColombianMonkey: I somewhat agree but I have a good list of people thaT play the games i play online and i rarely hear any little kids. And atleast i can actualy get into a game ad play it how it was supposed to be played. Wheni play my ps3 is lag grand central station everyone laggin everywhere fist person shooters online, ha no way.


    Well ya got me there, one thing that erks me to no end is my puny arse 20GB hdd….


    vandal: don’t mind me i don’t have any console, i experience it first hand on PC online.


    : And it is obvious that you are single, considering the amount of money you have spent on all those systems.


    howsyoursister: obvious fail.. srry but back home i used to have xbox ps2, psp, computer, n64, snes and my gf that time had no problem with that. but if your dealing with golddiggers then i understand where you coming from.


    Looks like a casket..

    Malta Soron


    So you have two controllers to play with someone else.

    In more entertaining news, Braid just came available on Steam. I’m about two-thirds in now.


    I have a 360 and I was wondering if the PS3 had/has problems like the “ring of death” as much as the 360 seems to? I would love a PS3 but not sure if it has reliable enough craftsmanship?


    first your flyfail now your ok pic with your shit comment afterward.


    MegaloX: Looks like you got in just in time…
    I have a PS3… I was debating between the PS3 and Wii, and thought the PS3 would end up having more games that I find entertaining (and I think so far I have been right). I certainly have enjoyed it. I didn’t even consider the 360, b/c its a Microsoft product and I have a personal prejudice against MS… except for that, I’m sure the 360 can be entertaining and it has plenty of good games. So that’s my $.02
    VanZant: I think the PS3’s have been reliable, I don’t think that’s anything to worry about.

    Malta Soron

    VanZant: AFAIK the 360 fails exceptionally much.

    Malta Soron

    VanZant: AFAIK the 360 fails exceptionally often.


    First off hardware is rarely the problem, lazy and poor coding is what makes ports from any system to any system suck. FarCry 2, and FO3 look stellar and play just fine on the PS3 and elder scrolls oblivion actually crashes less on my PS3 than my super duper gaming PC. Also if you port an xbox game to the PC it would fail just as hard as a PS3 to PC port. Don’t believe me? Go buy mass effect for the PC. Try to play through that whole game without a case of missing textures or constant crashes.


    I did some personal research a while ago. check this out, it is a comparison of an xbox console and what i would need to buy to get it to match my current PS3’s features. I used to gather info.
    and .


    agh damn it the forum ate up my links.

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