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If I knew this site existed before Obama entered office, I would have felt a lot better. Part of Trent Reznors “Alternate Reality Game” for Year Zero. More to come.

Join the Open Source Resistance,
Wake up and give a shit.



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    srry to busy watching natedogs Boob Reconnaissance

    Snarky Parker


    So, what’s the forecast on that oncoming shitstorm, guy?


    first 2 posters , i know are from the NIN


    in this topic? not worth it. too much childeren on here.


    in this topic? not worth it. too much children on here.

    Snarky Parker


    How’s that 2009 PCP treating ya?


    What are we supposed to be resisting here? The way you word it, it sounds like you’re convinced Obama is part of some conspiracy group, yet the last pic is definitely something that happened because of Bush.

    Trent will always be good in my book though, for his video “I’m afraid of Americans” with David Bowie and how cool he is in interviews.


    Whatever. Meh.

    Luke Magnifico

    You can’t tell me what to do.


    Resist the resistance. Buy war bonds.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The best rebellions are the ones who have no focus, aren’t really rebelling against anything, and are funded by VISA cards owned by the parents of the hipster losers who just don’t have anything useful to contribute to the world.

    Trent Reznor is a silly old fart.

    This post is gayer than pink buttsex.

    I even went to the website to see the rebellion in ‘action’. What a sad sad joke those losers have made themselves into.


    camusapprentice: See, I thought maybe that was it, but your wording confused me. I guess my mind is still stuck in German.

    They say multiple languages will help you recover from strokes, but what they don’t tell you is that too many ways of interpreting the world can seriously fuck your head up in the first place.

    Blondie: Hi, mAgnUs.

    Is anyone falling for your new schtick yet?


    Blondie: Die an ugly troll death magnus. I mean that in the nicest of ways.

    These all speak the truth in one level or another. We are all slaves to other inhibitions.


    Blondie: Really? Wow. You are so wise and stuff. Please continue to enlighten us with your brilliance. Ya fuckin shit-brained salamander.


    We the American working population
    Hate the fact that eight hours a day
    Is wasted on chasing the dream of someone that isn’t us
    And we may not hate our jobs,
    But we hate jobs in general
    That don’t have to do with fighting for our own causes.
    We the American working population
    Hate the nine-to-five day-in/day-out
    When we’d rather be supporting ourselves
    By being paid to perfect the pastimes
    That we have harboured based solely on the fact
    That it makes us smile if it sounds dope

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This thread reads like a 2nd year philosophy major’s round table.

    Shouldn’t you guys be out there raising awareness? Maybe blowing people’s minds with all this crazy stuff you done just learned in school?

    psssstt everyone is laughing at you and they’re right to do so.


    Someone much more educated and smarter than you even collectively.

    Now fight the power. Any power. Just as long as it gives your lives meaning and the self perceived right to turn your spoiled noses up…at each other.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    I almost forgot. Sarcasm is about as clever as your rebellion. Way to have all the wit of a colostomy bag.

    Your name on here alone is pathetic. I remember reading Camus and thinking it was garbage…10 years ago or so. And I’m not that old. You’re just a HUGE douche. Go pick a fight with a 14 year old girl. You’re about at that level.



    I want to put my tongue in your ear.


    You are consistently boring. I’m glad this is the most exposure I’ll have to have to you.


    Make me some pie. Some American apple pie.


    retarded shitstorm for nothing.


    ColombianMonkey: Do you have any idea how annoying it is when you make comments like that. If people keep commenting, they’re obviously feeling entertained or intrigued. So shut the fuck up and go somewhere else, but don’t hang around here and tell everyone how retarded they are.


    You’re kinda sexy when you tell me what to do. You’re still wrong though.


    Blondie: Okay I’ll stoop to your level for the hell of it. Here I go:

    Shouldn’t an Arab be kicking your body into a mass grave. Because you are so ready to die for your national pride whilst letting the rich get richer, the poorer get poorer and to help the weapon industry boom.

    Philosophy? All you ever share is pseudo pop culture. You come in ranting about rebellion as if you just learned the word. Impressive. Check yourself before you check others ol HaggisMagnus.

    That’ll be $10.50 for your bullshit Today. Credit or Debit?


    dieAntagonista: lawl, If you keep reading books by covers, your image will will look long but in reality are short.



    What the hell are you talking about. You always make the same comments on these kind of posts. How everyone is stupid for saying whatever, only you are superior because you don’t disagree or agree with anyone. Bravo. I’m not impressed though, and I don’t like when someone calls me retarded either, just because they don’t have anything better to say.

    And my image is is more interesting than yours.


    Why you need to point fingers to things you assume but are wrong. Go take some fresh air, relax. cause you’re complaining for something unrealistic.
    Why you talking like I have an ego to feed lol. I don’t feel superior to anyone, if they feel superior to me be my guest. replying while being angry will serve you no good.


    Dude, it’s 3am, I’m as calm as the sea. I didn’t assume anything. I said that’s how you come across. I wasn’t pointing any fingers either, you are the one who came on here and called everyone retarded. Like you always do.

    I’d rather hear what someone who is angry has to say, than someone who isn’t angry, but doesn’t have anything to say either.

    Your comments are useless.


    Maybe you should recheck the website we are on and ask yourself what this site mostly consist of. Taking things lightly isn’t your best trait.
    my comment do seem to have a big impact as seeing how this is evolving to.


    You’re the one who needs to check what website we’re on. Because for some reason you feel it’s necessary to point out that people are going to make dumb comments. No shit. Yet you still do it, over and over again. I have a sense of humour, the problem is you’re not funny. Just annoying.

    Yeah don’t flatter yourself. Comments on the Internet have about as much impact on me as a squashed mosquito stain on my wall.


    Ok I’m done. You can go on making stupid emoticons, incoherent sentences about how you’re the “bigger person” and whatever else you can think of.


    It’s okay dieA, if you want to believe i make dumb comments for your foolish assumptions. be my guest 😉


    hahaha lol

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Please explain ‘pseudo pop culture’ please. lol I offer up a likeness of pop culture that is in fact something else? Huhwhat? I don’t think you spec’d that one out before hand huh? Or maybe you’ve bleached your brain?

    Honestly you really do have some serious growing up to do. Please get some kind of post secondary education. It will make your bullshitting less transparent.

    Do you REALLY think the rich are getting richer and poor and getting poorer and you’re fighting for freedom like motherfucking GI JOKE?

    You’re just one of the many completely uninformed and overindulged spoiled youth of the world who don’t know what the mother of fuck their talking about. You’ve had it too good and the view from pretentioustown can’t see past the borders of your community and social circle.

    This thread is based around and fueled by massive amounts of adult diapers filled with bullshit spouted by people who just can’t make a buck because they have no use and are too lazy to do what it takes to be more than a drain on their parents.


    I can deal with that. Now where be my pie? And I don’t want no funky ass European pee pie either.


    Blondie: More broad statements and judgments based on little knowledge. Impressive. Yet somehow I am the immature and pretentious one. Where do you come up with this bile? Seriously? I must have hit a button to get you so perturbed. You act as if you have all the knowledge in the world and all you do is spin your wheels at MCS. Yet you can’t seem to handle someone not thinking to same way that you do. Magnus is angry? You don’t know me, please stop acting like you do. I can do it too.

    You must be angry because you failed as a parent and take out all your frustration on MCS. Plus you lack something in your life or your wife slept with the whole town and forgot to tell you about it.

    Did you fall and hit your head? Should I we get help? I was interpreting you dumbass. Obviously you couldn’t handle it.

    Have a nice day you pathetic human being.


    Jeez people,

    I thought we’ve been over this. The best way to deal with mAgnUs is to ignore him. He’s got the Scientology/Neocon method of “always attack, never defend” down. To actually try and debate with him means that he wins. Now let the sad little troll claim this minor victory so he can go to sleep tonight grinning at how he “pwned all those people on the internet tonight.”


    Hello all! back from my trip to Hawaii. And in a pissy mood.

    @Blondie: You’re a complete bastard. I still agree with you. Which isn’t saying you shouldn’t slit your wrists, get pissed and go jump off a bridge.
    @dieAntagonista: Monkey seems to have figured out that hes just pissing in the ocean. Its the same reason I’ve stopped with my political commentary on posts like this too.
    @Everyone else: Alright, neat. The government and the corporations are fucking people over. Why do I care? Its not like this hasn’t been occurring since the beginning of time anyways. Basically, it has been proven that breaking/going against the system doesn’t work. Your cute little protests and other uses of your voice, by yourself, won’t do a damn thing. Raging against the machine only validates its agenda. You really want to stop these things? These horrors and travesties? Work in the system. Be the person who decides whether torture is appropriate or not. Be the one who decides whether or not we massacre an African village to build a pipeline. Don’t be the person who hears it happened and buys a fucking t-shirt.
    And… I’ve said my piece.


    okay okay let me explain 1 thing but you don’t need to reply it’s fine by me.
    I once said “I don’t have an ego to feed”.
    But Apparently you don’t seem to understand what I meant,
    so I have to explain it to you. and HOPE you really understand.
    I don’t care or need to be bigger person or even superior to others or even flatter myself, I don’t diss other people to make myself feel better. I don’t make myself happy with negativity. I am typing to you as me, myself but still you come to label me with hundreds of other pseudo people tendencies.If you automatically feel that the things I’m saying is negative then you have a problem. (again..don’t take things automatically negative)


    Why do people here still respond to mAgnUS? Everyone knows he’s retarded, whatever name he goes by. Even when he’s wrong (approx. 100% of the time) he’ll just tell you that you fuck dog farts or something that he thinks is witty. He’s not just a random troll; he lives under the bridge. Ignore him and he’ll go back to diddling himself and eating what he makes.


    Dr.Devine: It’s not exactly hard to figure that out. But Monkey keeps commenting calling everyone retarded because he doesn’t want to bother with the “shitstorm”.

    Because what, everyone on here makes retarded comments? I’d say people like camusapprentice have a lot of interesting things to say.
    There is no point in pointing out that everyone is “retarded”. Also, he still got involved with a irrelevant discussion with me. Shows kinda how much his opinion is worth.



    Ah I’m sorry, you’re so full of shit. You actually said once, after insulting me, that you’re the “bigger person”. That’s why I said that. YOUR OWN GODDAMN WORDS.

    And I’m not interpreting anything automatically in a bad way.

    You said RETARDED. Do you understand that? That is negative. I couldn’t care less, but I wanted to let you know that it’s annoying and useless.

    You’re the one who constantly changes his name, and pretends that he’s other people and then says they’re all part of his different personalities.

    I feel like I’m talking to a wall. Get a grip.


    Blondie: Here I was thinking (and trying to convince others) that Magnus would never stoop to hiding behind another username. I swear, I just said “He’s a pompous douchebag, but he would never sink that low because he’s at least got conviction.” And then I read what went back and forth and I must say that I was wrong. You stooped, dude. Really low.
    No one ever asked you to agree with this post and yet you felt the need to proclaim your dissent. You are resisting, right? Excellent! Use your brain, use your mouth. It won’t make me agree with you, but at least you are voicing your opinion. That’s exactly what this attempt at a movement is about. You can hate it all you want, but people like us are the reason you have the right to hate it as loudly as you have. There is no party line, only what we all allow to happen. (purely to edify: not one word of this was meant sarcastically and yet I managed to be very fucking smart, as opposed to clever, which is not smart)


    come on!! come on!!! you’re seriously delusional, not that it matters telling you since your clouded by your own delusions
    retarded shitstorm & retarded people making a shitstorm. looks like the same there, right monkey?… and I’m full of shit. jeeez show me one posative shitstorm. if you want to put words and perspective in my mouth and base your “arguments” on that shows allot, especially coming from you. seriously how close minded someone has to be to pull this off what you doin.

    obviously after this stunt you pulled you cannot even bear to understand why I changed names only. but it’s no use explaining to you. ciao!


    Paul Kersey: hope you had your popcorn and drinks en enjoyed what you wanted because what i said before i say again. children, now you know why i say it’s not worth it.


    Ey yo I write it for me and if you like it that’s love, and if you don’t that’s life, ’cause life don’t like Maya.

    Angry Monkey is angry.


    WTF is going on in this thread? What is the original post actually about?

    On April 18, 2007, Open Source Resistance hosted a gathering in LA. Musicians, artists, and ordinary people
    gathered in support of a simple message: speak up to defend the things that matter to you. The concert
    planned to end the evening was broken up by police.

    If They stop you from speaking, they’re killing freedom. If you just can’t be bothered to speak, freedom will
    die just the same.

    Wake up and give a shit.

    What does that mean?

    This “shitstorm” has gotten everyone going after each other…to what end?

    Magnus hiding? Lol, I think not. His UID didn’t change, nor did his style.

    What’s up between you, monkey and dieA? Did I miss something guys?


    dieAntagonista: I like Maya.

    nyokki: Apparently people speaking up to defend the things that matter to them hurts Magnus wittle feelings.

    purple banana

    This post looks like the lame shit that comes out of AdBusters, or some other cheaply made college zine…

    Revolution! Rebel! Change the system! Anarchy! Sheeple!

    You know who were the REAL rebels? The REAL revolutionaries? Mother fucking George Washington, Ben Franklin, Andrew “Kickass” Jackson, and Billy Jefferson… They didn’t take shit- they legislated, planned, fought, or slayed the oppressive forces.

    All without making stupid photoshop images and crappy free zines to fight an imaginary battle against the autonomous Oppressor! (Pronounced OH-PRESS-OR!)

    You say you want a revolution? Stop wasting your time by going to protests dressed as a giant pot leaf with a Che Guevara shirt, get a good education, and work in the system. Be passionate about your work, knowing you can do more work towards you cause when you’re actually getting paid to do it.

    Stop being so fucking lazy, whiny, preachy, and self-indulgent; making inflammatory remarks and stupid insults at people who challenge YOUR opinion, and learn to hold a civil conversation without resorting to calling people petty names.


    Puulaahi: I know you’re not kidding, but I wish you were.


    Hm, a lot of generalisations here.

    I have never worn a Che shirt, nor attended any protest. I have a good education and am still working on it.

    I have worked for Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and for a private organisation here in my country that takes care of discrimination victims.

    That being said, my parents were both well known rebels and protesters as you can see here.
    That was in Romania around the time when they had a dictator who goes by the name of Ceausescu.
    As a result of that, my parents got thrown out of Romania. They were both well educated and doctors.
    Now I asked my father about this. You know what he said? He explained that the reason why that dictator had so much power for so long, is because none of the Romanians ever did anything. They just went to work, were good citizens and never criticised anything.
    He said that, if people like him, wouldn’t have protested, and yelled in the streets, demanding their freedom back, Romania would still be the same.

    Yeah, “working in the system” is not a bad idea.

    Instead I’m going to quote someone who has said it better than me:

    But first, you’ve gotta get mad!… You’ve got to say, ‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more!’ Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis.

    You’ve gotta say, “I’m a human being, goddammit! My life has value!

    And that’s that.


    My father is the one with the fro holding the flag, by the way. My first real hero.


    Wait, there are two people holding flags. The other one looks kinda homosexual. My father is the one with the moustache and the blue shirt. He looks a little like an Indian taxi driver.

    purple banana

    dieAntagonista: If you mistook me for talking about you, DA, certainly not. You’re one of the more well-informed members on here, I’ve agreed with everything you’ve posted so far.

    I’m simply talking about the whining bunch of angry kids who are needlessly insulting others for stating a valid argument, who buy the t shirt without knowing anything about Che.

    Many countries with restricted civil liberties obviously have a larger issue with the public speaking out an initiating policy changes, especially countries with poor educational opportunities. When people in countries with very strict civil liberties protest, and fuck shit up in order to initiate change, it tends to work. But in the US, where people value freedom of speech, it means significantly less, especially when things begin to get violent. That’s just asking for the police to fuck you over, and get lumped into the category of unruly aggressive protesters, and then you just go through the system. It’s like recycling, kind of.

    I’ve been to rallies before, but I also helped my cause by eagerly (and often) writing to several elected officials about policy change. And it was a pot rally. I dressed up in my scrubs, and had a sign that said “Healthcare Workers For Medicinal Decriminalization.” It was fun, but nothing has drastically changed from it. These things take time, and tons of legislation.

    But when self-indulgent kids get on here and think they can change policies by simply subscribing to a dubious pre-made cookie-cutter “rebellious” philosophy are fooled into the very pattern they should be fighting.

    purple banana

    dieAntagonista: He looks like Tom Selleck haha! I have great respect for people who really DO risk themselves to truly fight for what they believe in, so as long as sitting and holding signs isn’t the only thing they do…

    My grandfather and father were involved with the IRA- despite their somewhat violent approach back then, they DID get shit done. They didn’t just sit in a bar and bitch about the English. They did that AFTER they let them know what’s what 🙂


    purple banana: Why thanks. Oh I just wanted to have said that, in case anyone thinks that, that’s what I’m like.

    Ah yeah, don’t I know it. I think the main problem is that, being rebellious has become “hip”. It’s considered cool to be against the government. And so, people who have actual problems are being put together with fools who wear ripped jeans and Che shirts. That is true, most definitely.
    I think the irony of Che shirts is too sweet. It used to make me angry at one point, when I would see rich kids dressed like that, calling themselves punks, while making fun of homeless people on the streets. Now it just makes me smile, but I do enjoy insulting them from a safe distance.

    Though as long as they don’t go around breaking things and vandalising – it’s alright with me.


    purple banana: Haha WHAT! Tom Selleck? Are you sure. My dad is the only one who isn’t white, in the middle of the picture. Although his moustache is very Tom Selleckish. I gotta tell him that.

    Nah, of course that’s not all they did. They were part of some kind of organisation who did a lot more than that.

    And that’s dope. Your grandfather rules. Yeah we’re on the same wavelength.

    Snarky Parker

    ‘This is MCS Channel 7 News with Paul Kersey.’

    “Today in news there was a major uproar over the online revolutionary group created by Nine Inch Nails known as Open Source Resistance. Earlier we had our meteorologist ColumbianMonkey give us a report on the shitstorm. And was it a doozy.”

    “In other news Blondie made his return well-known when opposing MCS members Annarchy, camusapprentice, Puulaahi, and Paul_Is_Drunk had a vicious exchange of words in which Blondie prevailed with ease.”

    “This also led to our meteorologist nearly being blown off course due to the 100mph DieAntagonista winds that occured during the shitstorm.”

    “One has to ask him or herself: Do we REALLY need these pics that attract shitstorms? This is Paul Kersey, signing off.”


    Paul Kersey:

    Meteorologist? Don’t make me laugh. Monkey got just as much involved in this as everyone else. We call this, hypocrisy.

    And I can’t believe you’re actually asking that question. You think this website would be anything worth without the controversial pictures?

    I’ll tell you what, you wouldn’t even know of this site, without these pictures. Besides, only the people who argue on here have anything interesting to say anyway.

    You think I come here to find out how cute people think cat pictures with captions are? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    Also, shitstorm = money for Tiki. I think that says it all.

    “Oh no, I think dieAntagonista started punching our reporter Paul in the face like a vicious animal!”

    — Technical difficulties —
    —— Please stand by ——

    Snarky Parker

    Paul Kersey = Snarky Parker


    Snarky Parker


    Where’s the satire? 😛

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    So we’ve identified what the rebellion is against:



    This thread is about a group of people who troll reality to get attention.

    It’s emo to its core.

    camusapprentice said it himself without a hint of recognition for the stupidity of this group which is what I pointed out to begin with that got him and his girlfriends panties all soiled.


    I wonder if Puulaahi realizes that while I am a little older than him and much more educated and intelligent I’m not a parent?

    I also like how I can make specific points and his response is to call them broad generalizations and use other cliche so called intellectual statements. Make a point yourself for once, asslicker. Mine keep going screaming past you.

    Paul Kersey just got raped by DieA didn’t he? She started punching him and then gave into the passion. Breasts were everywhere. Paul took pictures.


    Paul Kersey:

    I knew who you are right away. Oh, so you thought I didn’t know who you were and that’s why I was being so harsh with you? Ahahahaha. Cute.


    Thank you man. I appreciate it. A lot.


    Can you please stop with all the sexual tension in your posts. How am I supposed to disagree with you if you keep this ridiculous spiel up.

    And yeah, I’ll rape Paul Kersey any time.





    Wow dude, you are just all sorts of batshit crazy. take that however you wish.


    Everyone knows “batshit insane” is a compliment. No really. Anyone feel free to shoot me, should they ever catch me having the same prejudices that are considered normal, as millions of other people.


    Paul Kersey: meteorologist… lol nice one


    camusapprentice: I’m going to assume you don’t really ‘know’ me on this site, otherwise you wouldn’t have typed all that out. I wasn’t referring to the idea of speaking out when I asked “to what end”. I was asking about us screaming at each other on this post.

    On magnus
    I sometimes wish I could be more like magnus. I try sometimes, but I’m not very good at it and can never keep it going. I like him and I know we need him. He challenges everyone and makes us pare the bullshit out of our arguments. It doesn’t matter that you disagree w/ him. Want to know where the logical conclusion of your argument will end up? Let magnus have at it.


    Blondie: When did you become a US citizen?

    camusapprentice: Ok, so you’re an…idiot? Works for me.


    camusapprentice: I bow to your superior stupidity.


    camusapprentice: Ah. So now you’ve decided that Rolle’s Theorem is impressive and my original statement to you was true. That works for me too. 😉

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