old school?

DSC01513.JPG (286 KB)

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DSC01515.JPG (201 KB)

DSC01516.JPG (260 KB)

have no clue what this was but i know where it is, if any one has any info please tell. its just outside of portland oregon and is under the st johns bridge

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    I know, that place is creepy as fuck, it gives us the willies every time we drive by it on the way to Suavie Island, I’d like to know what is was as well.


    I’m half expecting Lurch to open the front door

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “This building is the old corporate headquarters for GasCo (now Northwest Natural Gas). The site has been designated as a superfund site due to massive pollution in the 1920’s and 1930’s.”


    Its my dream Haunted House location, thats what it is. My God, you can smell the creepyness!
    Sadly though, I expect that its rather out of code.


    As I was looking at the pictures I thought it looked like something that could be turned into a really swank hotel with a lot of TLC. Except for the massive liquid storage tanks surrounding it and that generally barbed wire fences arent put into a good part of town, but if you could move the building and clean it up, it would be pretty nice I bet.


    This looks shooped. I can tell by some of the pixels and by shooping a few whoops in my time.


    The perfect Location for a Horror/Survival Game. Damn i need something like that in Austria!!!


    thats obviously the hq to project mayhem, duh!


    I remember this place… pretty awesome building. I wonder if there’s any chance it’ll be preserved.


    step 1: break in
    step 2: explore
    step 3: take pictures
    step 4: ???
    step 5: Profit!


    haha reminds me of that place on fight club


    People died there. I can see it. That place is haunted.


    That place is on the way to my friends house, so I go by it a lot. I stare at it while I drive by everytime.


    @Nimbo: It might be hard to move, it’s made of stone. Can they move stone buildings?


    brick by brick they can

    Olaf Thorsson

    like London bridge?

    Up near portland right? i got runoff for taking pictures of it, the security guard said I could not photograph it for reasons of national security, when questioned on that he pointed at the oil tanks behind it.


    looks like the school from alfred hitchcocks’ “the birds”


    Fight Club?


    Looks like the schoolhouse that I went to 1st grade in. Built late 1800s-early 1900s.