The Thing

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thing_alex_ross.JPG (436 KB)

Top to bottom (if they get posted in the same order that I uploaded them): Jack Kirby, Jae Lee, Walt Simonson, Bernie Wrightson, Alex Ross.

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    The Thing is one of the best characters in comics, tortured, great sense of humor, badass, and retains his humanity even though he looks like a monster … did I mention BADASS!


    3…2…1… The Thing vs The Hulk… GO!


    my dad used to call him rock doodle, only learned he wasnt actually called that once i started reading the comics, and haha only a little while ago realized why he called him that.


    The Thing is awesome, he smokes cigars and dishes out old school beatdowns, if you cant appreciate Benjamin J Grim, GTFO!


    Hulk haz cheezeburger?


    Hulk has BIG cheeseburgers


    LostOne: SumoSnipe:
    Yeah, I love that, for some reason.

    Thing gallery needs a John Byrne, an early dinosaur-hide Thing, and the spiky ultra-strong Thing that managed to beat up the Hulk. What it DOESN’T need is the Thing that used to wear a helmet/mask ’cause Wolverine slashed his face up.

  • Here's a few awesome images!