Glow in the dark tatoo

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    actually its UV, not glow in the dark. they have been around for quite some time now too.


    wow, so you could appear totally normal in daylight and have a tatoo’d skeleton face appear under black lights. This is a sick way of scarring off a girl friend. lol


    I want a normal tattoo thanks. Been figuring out what I want for so long. At least I know where I want em.


    This is a tattoo I would get. I mean the UV reactive properties.


    That is so freakin’ cool. I want one.


    Glow in the dark ink is available (and probably toxic) but this is definitely UV.


    Heh. Only recently have they figured out an ink membrane system that allows this to be safe. Cost’s a bit more than normal tattoos though.

    I am quite happy with all my standard ink tattoos. The vivid colours are wonderful.

    Also, Tattooed skin is scar tissue so there is a slight scarry marking where this stuff has gone in. Think white ink tattoo on a pale person.



    I want to see how it looks without the UV on it. Like in normal daytime. I used to not like the idea of a tattoo at all, but if I decided on something after careful thinking, and get it done in UV like this, its less of a change in my appearance, something I could show to who I wanted to only, and wouldn’t have to worry about it job wise…. hmmmm… It would also make a cool, “bet you didn’t know this about me” thing too.


    I like it. There’s also some mysterious way of tattooing in India or something. The colour looks kind of like a henna tattoo and it becomes visible only when the tattooed body part gets wet. That’s what I would want.
    Besides that, I would want real tattoos also, but only things I have designed myself, except the Pi symbol maybe. And I’d get it tattooed only in delicate places, so that I don’t have to worry about getting a job, like hvymetal86 said.


    colonic tattooing ftw!


    this is pretty neat – i gotta do more research on it. I’m thinking a hybrid of classic ink & this type of reactive ink in 1 tatt.


    kuTTer: don’t think the result could end up how you want it to be.


    GorillaMunch: They can be hard to see in the daytime, but they are still visible without UV light. A lot of it depends on the skill of the tattoo artist.

    ColombianMonkey: Actually, they can come out really nice depending on the design. There are some great examples on BME.


    You all, of course, know that each and every American already has one of these: an invisible/fluorescent barcode tattooed on the back of the neck soon after birth…right?

    Get a UV light and check it out if you don’t believe me.


    HoChunk: holy shit my barcode reads “you are jesus” ..I….don’t know…..what to say….

    wedgemonkey: holy shit that’s cool man i might want to add that to my bucket of ideas for my tatoo.

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