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Awesome board game? Or most awesome board game ever. Hours devoted to kicking my neighbors ass in this game as a child.

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    fuck yeah


    Fuck yeahx2

    This almost un-rapes my childhood a bit from some of the other images that have been posted on this site…. Almost

    Also, this reminds me of the video game, Rampart, which is a good thing.


    never played it, but this game looks awesome


    Fuck YEAH!

    I had this and it was awesome, damn I wish I still had it. I always wanted the Harryhausen style Troll(?) and Cyclops additions, and wasnt their Dragons and shit too?


    Battle Masters was better.


    Holy shit I haven’t played it in like a decade !


    I loved this – thinking back, I want to find whoever thought of/developed this and shake their hand.


    Catapults and ballistas (crossbow) suck!

    All about the motherfucking Trebuchets.


    Oh my fucking god Rampart was amazing. Have they released this on 360 arcade or wii whatever its called. If they have, I’ll be making a purchase.
    Never did beat that fucking game.


    so much fun, this game was the best.


    I was actually looking for the remake of this a couple of days ago. The best I could find it was on Amazon, but I was hoping to find it in a brick-and-mortar like Target so that I knew I wasn’t getting price gouged. I saw the display in a Toys R Us, but they didn’t have any in.

    It also reminds me of a game I have put away called Weapons and Warriors.


    RSIxidor: Not sure about XBLA or the Wii, but I do know it is available from the PlayStation Store on PS3 for $4.99(US). There was also a collection of Midway games that included Rampart released a while back for multiple systems:

    But you can also play the Japanese version from your browser for free from here:

    “Have fun stormin’ the castle!”


    Puulaahi: Crossbows and Trebuchets would have sounded like some kind of Funducation toy to me at the time.

    Plus, this was gnarly Vikings Vs these kick ass Knight/Barbarian hybrid looking dudes, no Python-esque Frenchmen here


    You know what tops it? Dark Tower.


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