Ong Bak 2

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    “fuck me…”


    Damn, that’s some tumor.


    Indifferent crowd is indifferent.


    Didn’t even know this was coming out, can’t wait.


    jgolds7045: movie is out long time I’m watching it now


    i had the crappy version in 2008 but now watching it good.


    Puulaahi: the one i’m watching is dvd quality.




    i just finished it. and if i have tears left from the epic battles and sad story. i would shed some. great movie 10/10


    Kick ass movie I do say 5 stars!


    Aw shiit. I didn’t know it was out already.


    He’s so hot. Even sweaty and dirty and all. Or should I say, especially.


    dieAntagonista: lol

    so people what might it be about?


    If i had oppertunity i’d study muy thai boxing.


    TrikYodz: I don’t understand. You might have lost a verb, no?


    Puulaahi: yea man pain does sound like fun! btw downloading the movie without a premium rapidshare account is a bitch lol goodluck.


    Puulaahi: & is my favorite even thou i have no client torrent downloader. i download without client program.


    Puulaahi: well i live in holland so other can too download it. was your ratio high? or did you just download craZy


    I just watched it. I got it off of MiniNova though. Fuck RapidShare. I couldn’t make the subtitle work but I watched it anyway ’cause I’m impatient. The scenery was so magnificent and much more spectacular than in the first movie. Confusing as hell though. The part with the elephants. At first I was all, what the hell are you doing. It’s just an elephant, it didn’t do anything. Other than that, the fights got me all excited and I jumped around like a monkey. Once again. I’ve never seen people fight like that holy shit. Like the fight with… Read more »


    dieAntagonista: well i have rapidshare premium so i don’t have to wait for file and i get maximum speed. download any movie in 3 minutes. can i see where in Mininova? and all you have to do to get the substitles to work is have the subtitle file in the same folder as the movie and when you play the movie the subs will work. as easy as it sounds.


    ColombianMonkey: Yeah I know, but still. I can’t pay for anything online so screw Rapidshare. And I got the movie in less than an hour so that’s fast enough for me.
    Haha, are you teaching me about subtitles? That’s cute, but I know how it works. My problem is something else. Much more embarrassing but I’ll tell you about it another time. The movie I found on Mininova is the same file as the one from one of the links on Rapidshare.


    cool, to the van then.

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