cold meds for satan.

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    “When only the most metal cold medicine will do…”


    jeez, learn to focus no focus.


    this what happens you read the bible you infect the population to think the 666 is the mark of the beast *sigh*… no wait the b-book is full of lies so nobody will really know which is true. ah well


    ColombianMonkey: I read the bible and I don’t believe 666 is the mark of the beast.

    I am in fact, the anti Christ though. But that has nothing to do with the bible.


    I knew there was a reason you’re so charismatic. I must be attracted to power.

    Also, outoffocus should comment on this image just out of sheer irony.


    dieAntagonista: so YOU are the person the PSYCHO BITCH is talking about. welcome to the america you love 😛 –>


    Sticky: Certainly, certainly. And you mean outofocus. I too feel the urge to write it with two Fs, but then when I actually see it written like that, it makes me cringe even more.


    Aw why do you have to link me to terrible videos like that. No, she was obviously talking about Obama. last time I checked, I’m not black. Or a man.
    And what’s that supposed to mean. I know America isn’t perfect or flawless, that doesn’t mean I can’t be in love with it.
    Besides, even if it were perfect, how would I be able to appreciate the good things if there weren’t any bad things to compare them to. Imperfection means there’s still room for improvement. Room for improvement is what it’s all about.

    And that, was my Americalandlove rant of the day. You’re welcome.


    *waves flag and chants USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!*
    Oh, wait, that’s right, only die and myself are the America lovers here. 😛


    Haha whenever I hear someone chant USA, I can’t help but imagine Homer Simpson doing that. That’s a good thing. Probably only to me though.

    I know right. What’s with all the hate. It’s cool these days, to hate entire countries. And all they need is a few bad examples to justify their hate.

    I choose to stick with irrational love. I hope you see what I did there.


    *plays cheesy synth beat* Tainted love! Tainted love! Now I know I’ve got to…run away! I’ve got to…get away!

    And yes, I see what you did there, but I saw “irrational love” and I immediately thought of Softcell. 😀


    dieAntagonista: Gee …. I get no credit for helping you get your americanloverant? D’oh!


    ColombianMonkey: She is always on the americanloverant. Part of what makes her cool. Especially since she can see the bullshit too.


    Puulaahi: well i have no joy looking at shit. :\


    Aww, I love America too.


    HEY!! its not 666 anymore, its 616 —> type it into google

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