Total Body Bike

Total Body Bike.jpg (188 KB)

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    why does the person need to wear a wetsuit to ride this thing?


    and what’s the deal with the chipmunk face?


    Duh, he could drown in his own stupidity.


    nobody knows: I thought it was a girl!


    I hate to tell you guys, but that’s a tricycle.


    Looks almost fun

    I thought it was a girl too.


    More like a total ass of a contraption.


    Stupudity knows no gender.


    nobody knows: It’s obviously a woman cause of the awful design. Two main reasons this is wrong: 1., the angle of the large wheels, 2., she is out of the kitchen!


    Bicth, who the fuck let you out off the kitchen?
    Get off the internet and go cook me some lunch.


    nobody knows: Don’t worry, my laptop’s in the kitchen and I’m making some soup. I made whiskey chicken yesterday, very tasty.


    joodles: really really liked the updated picture you have for your avatar even thou it’s small. Inspires me to steal my brother professional camera and be a photographer.


    ColombianMonkey: Oooh thanks! I have a fancy Sony alpha DSLR but I don’t know how to use it yet. I took that on my regular digital camera. The hair turned out more purple than red but it looks ok.


    This is for those psychos addicted to exercise. Bicycle 200 miles? Swim 40 miles. Climb El Capitain? Fuck all Y’ah! I’m gonna go 300 miles on my Total Body Trike!


    joodles: It’s like that picture remembers me of those perfect white bedrooms theme. But as for the colour of your hair, It’s great. Bright red would be different. I haven’t been to my brother for a while to remember what camera he uses. If I take a shot I think he has a Canon EOS “…”. Whenever I’m there I always enjoy to fiddle with it.


    joodles: There’s a reason for the wheels being angled, it makes it more stable.

    They do the same thing with racing wheelchairs, makes it so you can turn sharply without dumping the rig.

    That being said, this thing is ridiculous, bad design, needlessly complicated, and looks like it weighs a ton…

    Just go get a regular bike, can’t improve on that design no matter what the maker of this day-glo abortion might like you to think.


    Marrock: But with the huge wheels, wouldn’t it put huge pressure on where the wheels are connected to the bike frame?

    Luke Magnifico

    Marrock: Fuck you Marrock, that’s the point I was going to make.


    Luke Magnifico

    joodles: Yes. But by the looks of it, it doesn’t have enough central mass to make that a factor.

    1 X 1 = 1.

    Also:Can you not let ONE female poster go by without hitting on them.


    joodles: Probably, hence my saying it was a bad design, but on the plus side it’s more liable to collapse into a huge pile of fail and, with any luck, put the sorry asshat riding it out of their misery.

    LukeV1-5: Thank you, it’s always nice to have one’s talents recognized.


    Marrock: Don’t think it it will collapse. it’s tilted enough to support it’s purpose without breaking.


    ColombianMonkey: Maybe, but it’s more fun to imagine something that idiotic falling to pieces while the knob inside it thinks they look so cool.


    Marrock: lol, I know if i rode that i would have fun. but something like this &


    * is kinda idiotic.


    That face could be from the anal retention device, but where is the oral turn signal, Mr. Garison?


    Definitely a chick.


    Anyone else having Twisted Metal flashbacks, or is it just me?