The Face of a Boy Hearing the Sounds of the World for the First Time

Harold Whittles.jpg (78 KB)

This photo can be often be seen hanging on the wall of many otorhinologist\’s offices as a poster. It was shot by photographer Jack Bradley, and depicts the exact moment this boy, Harold Whittles, hears for the very first time ever. The doctor treating him has just placed an earpiece in his left ear. Date unknown.

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    This is quite awesome.


    A scary sounding world, ain’t it?


    Welcome to the ever expanding universe of sound. The journey to enlightenment has only just begun…


    Gotta say it. I see surprise, I see excitement, I see startlement. I do not see fear.

    The deaf community wants the cochlear implant to be outlawed because they feel it is an attempt to destroy their culture. Ya, because a child doesn’t want to hear the ocean, or their mother telling them that they love them, and that whole music thing? That’s just a meaningless silly thing that us hearing people do.

    Sorry, 4 years of learning ASL and deaf culture… I don’t like deaf culture.


    @camusapprentice: They do seem to work pretty hard at not meshing with the rest of the human race.


    This pic is part of why I keep coming back to M[C]S. It’s amazing the amount of emotion in his face.


    That look could also be Pedobear (or Shotacat in this case) behind him.


    Its bc they dont want the government to stop sending them disability checks.


    For some reason I read the title as “The Face of a Boy Hearing the Sounds of World War II for the First Time”


    Surprise Butt Secs?

    tiki god

    ok, so I think I can cure your hearing problem, but first, I’m going to go buy a camera, set it up and make you wait a while, and then I’m going to take your picture while you listen to the sounds of cats being choked to death, but I’ll tell you it’s the sounds of birds or some awesome shit like that.


    Looks like my reaction to my first mushroom trip when I discovered the colors that only birds can see.