Resident Evil 5

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    I didnt like this game tbh, the name says to me it should be scary or jumpy or something but I find the moomins more frightening, and the moomins are racist too


    looks like that discount trip you got wasn’t a deal after all .


    If you buy/try this game… and I cannot stress this enough… chnage the controls to Res 4 controls. Otherwise it’s really shitty.

    Also, the first level fight aint great, gets much better later on.

    Not scary or jumpy, but quite good in places. And there’s a serious Aligator in it

    Joeseph Goebbels

    Why haven’t people learnt that this series isn’t worth bothering about.

    The Lawnmower

    It was worth a play-through, but it’s a big step backwards from RE4.

    Everything about this game is inferior to RE4.


    love this game


    I guess i disagree with the general population on this game. I thought Resident Evil 4 had shit controals and, while it had an interesting story, was kind of stupid. Then I played RE5, and now I still think the controls for RE4 were shit but now the stroy is ten times better. Overall this was a very enjoyable game and I shit my pants when I saw the lickers in hi-def. On a side note, this game is not racist at all. You don’t just kill black people, but rather the area RE5 is set in is a general… Read more »


    i always knew black people down there are evil…
    remember Rwanda
    am i a fucking racist?




    @Wip8outUK: They should’ve kept the original name of Biohazard, it more correctly identifies the ideal of the series. @Skulltimo: WRONG. These controls are fine. RE4 controls are fine, too. If you’ve been playing this series from the beginning the one thing you shouldn’t expect is for things to be the same. @Gilez: Its not racist. Nobody complained that RE4 was targeting Spaniards. The game is set in Africa, and the setting requires the right kind of population to be there for the area, and that is what was done. Everyone who complains about the lack of zombies: You simply don’t… Read more »


    @RSIxidor: your lecture reminds me of equilibrium the movie.


    Lovely game. I kept the default controls and I enjoyed it just fine. I’ve been playing it non-stop since I got it. I unlocked all guns and upgraded them fully, unlocked all costumes, and now I’m working on getting enough points to unlock infinite ammo for the S&W M500 to do a M500-only speedrun.



    people were actually complaining about the fact that there were black people being killed in this game.

    And before you go and stereotype people that want zombies back in resident evil, I am quite aware that the entire series is a progression of viruses that were created in order to make better humans and in turn a better world. But is it wrong to like zombies and want more quality games with them in it?


    Oh and notice how in my first comment I said that it’s NOT RACIST AT ALL, please.


    Ok sooo why didn’t people bitch about Far Cry 2 being a racist game? Not only was it also set in Africa, but nearly if not all the enemies were black. People just bitch about the game because they can. If majority of people like the game, others will in turn choose to find a reason to hate it. Learn to have an opinion.


    seriously anybody who think the game is racist, should be backhand slapped. end of story. if people feel that every minority has to be together for the game to cause social ego fairness they need to grow the fuck up.


    On zombies: Completely true. I wasn’t really attacking you, more attacking the general idea of OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO ZOMBIES that many RE fans have been crying for some time.

    On racism: Was not actually disagreeing with you, I was attempting to strengthen your argument. Sorry that it came out seemingly at cross purposes.


    @ Rsixidor

    well then it seems there is no issue at hand. Good day to you, sir.


    And good day to you as well!