Santa is a security guard

mcs_20070219_12-14-06_1254.jpg (40 KB)

at the Christmas park in San Jose

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    Instead of elves he has a taser and CCTV?


    i live in San Jose , i got tons of pics from Christmas in the park. If you live in the Area and don’t know what it is, it’s the best damn Family outing you can ever go to.


    Wow, even Santa ha to get a 2nd job.


    @outofocus: San Jose Has alot to offer, it’s just a cool thing to look at. things are going on pretty much year round
    try taking him to the Improve and see a comedy even if it’s dirty jokes he’ll remember forever. My dad took me to WWF when i was like 4 and i will remember that forever (23 Yrs now) i was trying to suplex my brother for a month after


    I lived in San José for a while too, Cinco de Mayo ftw!


    Go Sharks! I live in Santa Cruz. The only Christmas in the Park thing I have done is gone Ice Skating outside. Twas hard and fun.


    @Puulaahi: yeah the ice skating is funny to watch , every minute people just falling lol some people eat it hard and i just can’t help but laugh