Antarctic Iceberg

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    I wish I weren’t this fragile little human so I could hang out at beautiful places like this.


    I’ve been there a few times and am still here to tell the tale. You seem like a hardy creature my dear, I’m sure you’d do well. There’s nothing like standing at the bottom of the world less than a mile from an active volcano whilst booting penguins away from your aircraft.
    BTW, how have you been? I’ve not had much time to interact here and miss it and all of you and your insanity.


    That was really unexpected and sweet, mister garbledxmission. I’m doing good, like always. But I still don’t know enough. It’s safe to say that since I discovered that I don’t know enough, I haven’t had one single bad day. Haven’t killed any neighbours either. Most of my exams are over so I have plenty of time to harass unsuspecting mammals, read good books and write bad poetry. That’s all I can think of. What about you. And Mrs. garbledxmission.


    @dieAntagonista: Please harass me. I really really want you too sexy lady from a land far far away.

    Also Nyokki does it again. Another “aww shucks that is beautiful” image.


    That makes me thirsty.


    for some reason i really want a 7-Up.