Crystar: Crystal Warrior

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I bet I can go to my parent\’s house and find this guy in a box in the basement, I can\’t guarantee I can find the accessories though.

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    I had this guy and some of the comics. Might still have a few issues tucked away in storage too. But something struck me as odd. Was this a special release that came with the figure or what? I don’t remember my comics costing 2 bucks back then. Then again, cocaine is a helluva drug.


    Old toys are the best. Fuck nowadays shit.


    I have a few of these still in the original card backs. Nice to see someone posted this.


    i wish they would have made this movie instead of wolverine, cause the goddamn movie made NO sense at all!!!! a travesty of a mockery of a sham!


    God, his arthritis must’ve been murder.


    This guy is like Conan, only gay and made of crystal


    @iamevilhomer: You should check out the Robot Chicken where he gets shattered & smoked by a couple of meth addicts.