River Patrol Boat

Borneo River Patrol (NPK) John on left1965.JPG (31 KB)

Rollin\’ on the River Patrol Boat

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    Luke Magnifico

    Too much fucking River Patrol Boat.


    Damnit, I can’t remember what movie it was, it might have been on Arrested Development, but I’m remembering a bit where someone was describing that they were something like a “croc man” or where they would stand at the front of a patrol boat and yell “CROC!” but it was usually a log.


    It WAS Arrested Development. It was Oscar, and it was awesome:
    From Arrested Development Wiki
    He served as a “croc spotter” on a swift boat in the Vietnam War (yelling out “Croc!” whenever he saw a crocodile), and once wrote a song for David Cassidy, “All You Need Are Smiles”,