Really Popular Blacks

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    Pools closed


    Thanks for not disappointing me today, nate.


    I’m sorry but I like ’em both, I really do. And until Obama invades some country because he ran out of fried chicken, I won’t stop liking him.


    Obama is half black and half white.

    MLK wasn’t a mix.


    MLK was an African-American, a member of a group of people with a shared heritage of suffering under, and overcoming, slavery and Jim Crow. MLK did meaningful things in his life, and was an inspiring leader and strong Christian.

    Obama has dark skin because his father was a black man from Africa and his mother was a white woman from Kansas. People sometimes mistake him for being an African-American, when he is just a dark-skinned man.

    Professor Cramulus

    Did I miss the official memo about how racially pure you must be to be considered “real” black?

    Please let me know what % black is considered “real African-American”. It’s very important to know whether Obama is “too black” or he’s a halfbreed mutt.


    As far as I know, it isn’t about percentages of blood or whatnot, it is about heritage, about the shared cultural experiences of the past. Obama does not have this shared cultural experience, therefore he is just a dark-skinned man.

    Professor Cramulus


    “Hey Martin!”

    “Oh hey there Barak, didn’t see ya there.”


    @rebelyell2006: And that matters to whom? Look, if Obama wasn’t the man he is, if he were just some ordinary man walking down the street, the average American wouldn’t just see “a dark skinned man”. They would see an African American. Obama can still matter to African Americans, even if he isn’t actually %100 black. Besides, do you know how rare %100 black people are in America? I’m too lazy to look it up right now, but it’s a real small percentage. The majority of people is mixed, and I mean all races. The way it should be. And with… Read more »

    Professor Cramulus

    I’m not sure how Obama could miss out on “the African American cultural experience”. He grew up in America. He has dark skin. His Dad is *actually* from Africa, so he has a more literal claim on the “African American” category than most blacks I know. As if that even matters.

    and don’t even get me started on the racist implications of basically saying “He’s not black, he’s just a regular dude.”


    yes guys shut up Professor Cramulus is a motherfucking badass professor –>


    @Professor Cramulus, Yes, his father is from Africa, but the label “African-American” is, as I stated earlier, a label for people who were affected directly or indirectly by slavery and Jim Crow. It is a cultural experience, not something that can be tested by genetics. And he grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii after the Civil Rights Act. Not in the South. He ran into a few white and black racist fucks there, but you will find them anywhere. “racist implications of basically saying “He’s not black, he’s just a regular dude.”” If you want to judge people and categorize… Read more »

    Professor Cramulus


    Ohhhh — sorry! I didn’t realize that he would have gotten his REAL African American heritage during the four years he spent in Indonesia. I also thought Hawaii was part of the United States. My bad!


    How can you guys like Obama?… He’s a politician…


    2. That’s about all of them.


    we all descended from the same pond of scum. we are ALL mutts.

    damn- it’s going to take an alien invation to convince people that people are just fucking HUMAN BEINGS!

    (conversation after invasion:)

    “hey- are you HUMAN?”

    “yeah- 100%”