Richard Dawkins – Sexy Man

Richard Dawkins - Sexy Man

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    Intelligent, inflammatory and interesting… yes. Sexy no


    I tend to agree….


    He’s a tit. Very intelligent and extremely dense at the same time.

    purple banana

    I find him very sexy… But MY GOD, his voice is annoying.


    @purple banana:
    Agreed! I can’t stand how much tv time he’s getting these days. And the whole athiest bus thing was really stupid and condescending. I don’t mean to make a moldy bible of this thread or anything, but I’m athiest myself and have been all my life and I think it’s really naive to think that a billboard on a bus will change anything. Some people really need their faith to get them through tough times.


    I meant to say @JamesTuskGeorge: there…

    tiki god


    As someone that was raised in a family in which atheists weren’t talked about, it would have been eye opening to me to see that there are people out there that don’t believe in santa claus / easter bunny. I think a billboard on a bus will change everything. The more atheist is accepted and expected, the faster our society will collectively grow up and move on from our childish things.


    @tiki god:
    if you remove fanaticism (of theists and atheists alike) from the equation, religion has many virtues and few faults.


    Given the number of religions, and the divisions within them, apparently being factually wrong isn’t much of a fault in your eyes.


    @ tiki god: I am an atheist, but this whole issue is a fucking ruse. It’s a distraction. Atheism will do very little to nothing to cure society of it’s ills, and being an atheist is in no way a sign that someone is ‘grown-up’. Our societal problems stem as much from apathy, cynicism and hubris as they do from clinging to ancient fairy tales; getting rid of the fairy tales doesn’t get rid of the other problems. And the idea that Religion (in it’s strictest sense) is needed to make good people do bad things…this is plainly absurd. Any… Read more »


    @tiki god:
    You can be athiest and still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny! 🙁 It was just as heartbreaking for me to find out as anyone else.

    There’s so much proof that there is no god that anyone who believes really wants to, and maybe needs to, which is why I think the athiest bus is really condescending to people who have used their faith to get them through tough times.


    @joodles: there’s just as much proof that there IS a god.

    i think this is the crux of the atheist/theist headbutting.

    Alec Dalek

    Each and every one of you that think you are insulting his intelligence, are only revealing your own ignorance and stupidity.


    @AlecDalek: No U


    @AlecDalek: lol @ ass kisser. lol natedog.


    The one thing I like about Dawkins is that his hostile, condescending, and outright rudeness towards religion as a whole reveals a wonderful hypocrisy on the part of religious leaders. They’re all to happy to claim atheists are immoral, misguided fools who will spend all eternity burning in the deepest pits of Hell, and yet as soon as someone applies the same language to their faith, they’re up in arms about the sanctity of individuals beliefs. I watched a Dawkins documentary a while back where he was talking with Ted Haggard who was so smugly condescending while he was lecturing… Read more »


    @AgZed: *all too happy, dammit.


    There’s no point in coverting people either way. As Kanye West says,
    “We rappers are role models, we rap, we don’t think,
    I ain’t here to argue about his facial features
    Or here to convert atheists into believers
    I’m just trying to say the way school need teachers
    The way Kathie Lee needed Regis,
    that’s the way I need Jesus”

    Some people NEED religion, others don’t, no point in trying to convince someone to believe. I don’t believe and I never will, that’s just the way it is, I don’t need faith.


    Dawkins’ only non-fa­gg­oty contribution to society: the word “meme”


    and joodles, you’re sooooo going to hell


    But god loves everyone! 😀

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @joodles: “Some people NEED religion, others don’t, no point in trying to convince someone to believe.”
    No offense, but that’s a shallow, uncritical view. What are the conditional parameters? WHY do some people need religion and others don’t? Is it genetics? economic status? social conditioning?
    What is it about religion that they need? Do all religions fulfill the same need? Can other things fill the same needs?
    Religion is to big of a part of society just to throw up our hands and say “just because” and leave it unevaluated.


    One of the very best people alive right now.

    The God Delusion should be mandatory reading in every school, especially ‘faith schools’.

    Actually everything he’s written should be. The Ancestor’s Tale is the best overview of microbe-to-man evolution I’ve ever read.


    tiki god

    @natedog: I’m sorry, what planet are you on? religion in any form is harmful, because of the core concepts that it entails: “that something impossible and unbelievable and unprovable is true, just take our religion’s word for it” I think that there was a massive misunderstanding on a few people’s part here on the purpose of the Atheist banners on the buses. It wasn’t primarily to ‘convert’ anyone from their religion of choice, but instead to tell people that there are other options out there then the religion that’s been crammed down their throat by their families. I had to… Read more »


    @reboot: It depends mostly on whether you were brought up as part of a religion. Some people really do need religion, they need someone to talk to and some moral guidelines, personally I don’t, I’m happy talking to friends and using my own conscience. I’m not gonna try to convert anyone to not believing, that’s my point.


    @tiki god: you have a lot of anger over the way religion was crammed down your throat by your family. this is not religion’s fault. you’re actually re-enforcing my point about fanaticism. if you take all the selfish fanatical bullshit out of christianity, i think the main point of it is that people are flawed and the one way to defeat the darkness is with love and with light. “do unto others” and “love your neighbor as yourself” and “he who is without sin, cast the first stone” and all that shit. how is that harmful? seems to me that… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    No one NEEDS religion, except those that earn their livelihood from it. But don’t listen to me, please by all means, enjoy not being able to do certain things you wish you could, for no other reason then an old poorly written book tells you so.


    @natedog: Beautiful. I agree with you. If someone’s a bad person, and abusing religion for his evil ways, then he’s doing just that. Using religion for his own motives. But there are undoubtedly negative elements in religion. First of all, any true theist, would be for the separation of church and government. There are way too many countries in which religion still rules over the government. Second, any and all churches that take people’s money just to build more expensive towers and shit is wrong. Same goes for the pope, the Vatican and all those clowns. Third, religion should not… Read more »


    And shut the fuck up. Dawkins is ridiculously sexy. The picture is almost perfect, would be better though if he had his glasses on.


    The problem, nate, is that you cannot take the selfish fanatical bullshit out of Christianity. The religion hasn’t, if ever, been about “do unto others” and “love thy neighbor” and all that for a VERY long time.

    The reason why so many people are “losing” their faith these days is because they are beginning to see that.


    I disagree religions job is to spread like a plague until everyone believes the same thing and the pope/priest/head brainwashed dude has all the money. If you don’t subscribe to the religious beliefs you are the enemy and have to be saved because you are going to hell. At least that is what the extremists believe whether they are Muslim, Christian, Catholic or Mormon. The basic religious beliefs can be friendly and positive in ones life even. But very few believe that way and instead subscribe to the fanaticism that treads on other peoples life. Fuck Religion. But Paganism and… Read more »


    He is much sexier in asymon’s pic. The funniest part of the Ben Stein Documentary is where he gets Dawkins to say he doesn’t believe in God because there is no proof subsequently Dawkins says, in the same interview, that we are probably here due to extraterrestrial intervention. Hmmmm? LMFAO! Who knows! Who cares! I don’t care who you sleep with. I don’t care who you pray to. I do however care who you prey on! I hope the religious zealots and the atheistic activists all keep each other busy enough so they all stay outta my business. there is… Read more »


    @Puulaahi: The basic religious beliefs can be friendly and positive in ones life even. But very few believe that way and instead subscribe to the fanaticism that treads on other peoples life. they’re are more than you really think. You just don’t see or hear because they spend there time practicing in something they believe in. other than make picket signs saying fags are gay. same with atheism. some good people who don’t want religion put in there face and never harras a soul. but they have others allot other that makes atheist look like big dickheads. what would this… Read more »


    i can’t stand the fucker


    @Puulaahi: That was a really childish comment filled with hasty generalisations.


    @Puulaahi et al: What’s the assumption here? It’s not like the world was a lovely peaceful place prior to organized religion. Paganism, totalitarianism, nearly every -ism tends to divide people into us and them. Anytime that happens, strife is sure to follow, w/ outright war not far behind. There’s no way to get around it and I see nothing ever really changing that fundamental truth. We try to lessen the intensity of those feelings through various types of gov’t, some w/ more success than others.